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2019 Lucrative MBA Programs for International Students





    Acquiring an MBA degree offers international students with lots of benefits. Brand new opportunities, improved salary structures and vast array of contacts from the Industry’s finest are some of the career benefits earning an MBA can provide. Although most MBA graduate can enjoy such lucrative career benefits, these benefits significantly vary and mostly depend on the institution of study.

    For international students seeking an MBA degree, the value of the degree should be a priority more than the cost of acquiring the MBA, because it can be quite expensive for many international students. MBA programs provide both personal and career benefits. To help you make the right choice, outlined below is a list of a few lucrative MBA programs for international students.


    LOCATION: Berkeley, California

    With the records showing that an MBA graduate from Hass business school earns an average starting salary of $121,800, this MBA program is will be of significant benefit to international students. Students that graduate from this institution enjoy a great deal of advantages from the school like nearness to the city’s hub of lucrative businesses in San-Francisco. This location provides an avenue to find jobs and internships befitting a business degree. The school also offers a work-program where students are assigned to global and local companies for specific learning programs. Many courses offered by the school has a global orientation making the student to be equipped globally. It takes a full-time student 21 months and a part-time student 36months to acquire an MBA at Haas school of business.

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    Location: Atlanta, Georgia

    The mission of Goizueta business school reads ” to develop professionals who will add value to their companies by changing the way business is done”. This mission is what exactly the school achieves. The school boasts of a 90% job placement rate for her students within few months of acquiring their MBA.

    Another added benefit is the mentorship program the school offers along with the MBA program. This is done to link up notable alumni mentors and students within the same profession and business line. The average starting salary of an MBA Graduate from Goizueta business school is $113,300, making it highly lucrative.


    Location: London, England.

    With an ever-increasing employment rate for her MBA graduate, London business school is indeed one of the globally recognized business schools. The school gives her students the platform to gain international experience and equip students with skills to prepare for the workplace. With an average starting salary of $119,200, her MBA graduates are constantly hired by multinational companies like Mckinsey and Boston consulting group. Part of the school core values is to develop her students personally and professionally by instilling in them effective marketable skills which will greatly improve their careers greatly.

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    Location: Fontainebleau, France

    Known as the business school of the world, INSEAD is one of the world’s leading and largest business school. It has a 10month MBA program which is one of the fastest in the world, it also offers one of the best values for money when compared with other schools with a high percentage of her graduates entering the corporate sector and getting job offers.

    The school’s MBA program is very lucrative and one that has global recognition. With campuses in Singapore, Abu Dhabi and France, innovative and leading ideologies are imbedded in her graduate students across multiple cultures.


    Location: Toronto, Canada

    The school brings her students to the Centre of an ideal learning environment made up of excellent teaching staffs and professors, prominent business personnel and top business recruiters from various parts of the world. The school has a professional corporate connection center which actively recruits Rotman MBA graduates for global firms like IBM, Microsoft and Bain & Co.

    An MBA grad from Rotman on an Average earns $88,400 annually. A high number of 82% of Rotman MBA grad students receive job offers within three months oftheir graduation making Rotman School of management to be highly lucrative for international students.


    For international students seeking to obtain more by obtaining an MBA degree, there are lucrative MBA programs provided by different institutions across the globe, simply look for an institution you like best and turn in your application today.

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