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List of Cheapest tuition Universities in Finland





    Are you planning to study in Finland as an international student? If yes is the answer, then read this article carefully in order to see the list of cheapest universities in Finland. These universities provide superlative education for both students from the EU and international students outside of the European Union on cheap tuition. Even though the tuition range might be high(usually $10-000 to $19,000/year), a lot of the Finnish universities on this list provide generous scholarship packages to international students, which reduces the overall cost for international students.

    Aalto University

    Founded in year 2010 through the merger of three renowned universities, Aalto University is rated one of the biggest universities in Finland. With an endowment fund of more than 650 million Euros. What this means is that it is financially strong and capable of running its many schools and programs. Well more than 17,000 students are currently enrolled, and many of them are international students from across the world. This school is reputed for nursing startups and entrepreneurs, so if you have entrepreneurial ideas, I highly encourage you start your application to this university in Finland.

    On January 1, 2010, the Helsinki School of Economics and the Helsinki University of Technology together with University of Art and Design Helsinki was joined together, and Aalto University was born.

    Aalto University currently has six schools with 12 000 students (FTE), including 4 000 members of faculty and staff, and roughly 400 professors.

    Aalto University was established to remember an important milestone in the Finnish university renewal. The goal was to produce a new innovative university merging design and art,  science and technology, business and economics.

    The idea of the merger was first publicly announced in autumn 2005 by the rector of the University of Art and Design at the time, Yrjö Sotamaa, in his opening speech for that academic year. A solid plan for the creation of this new university was later presented in February 2007, in the memorandum of the working group presided by Secretary of State Raimo Sailas. The groundwork for the university began the same spring when Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen made provision for the new university in the Finnish government programme.

    University of Helsinki

    The University of Helsinki is situated in Helsinki, Finland since the year 1829, but was established in the city of Turku in 1640 as the Royal Academy of Åbo at the time, which is part of the Swedish Empire. It is considered the oldest and largest university in Finland with the broadest range of academic disciplines offered.

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    This university is regarded as the best school in Finland. From the year                                                                                                      1640, it has produced scholars who have won prestigious awards such as the Nobel Prize and the Fulbright Award. It also has produced many of Finland’s Presidents and Prime Ministers. You can be part of this great school of over over 30,000 students by submitting an application as soon as possible!

    University of Oulu

    The University of Oulu is among the largest universities in Finland by students size, located in the city of Oulu. It was established on July 8, 1958. The university has enrolled about 16,000 students and 3,000 working staff. This university is frequently ranked as one of the very better universities in Finland and among the best 400 globally.

    As a public university, the University of Oulu delivers high quality education in ten different faculty and schools. Since it is a public university, it offers low tuition for foreign students, and for domestic students tuition is free. Check out this University you if you plan to study in Finland.

    University of Turku

    The University of Turku, located in Turku in the southwestern region, is the second largest university in Finland in terms of student enrollment, after the University of Helsinki. It was founded in the year 1920 with faculties at Rauma, Pori and Salo. The University of Turku holds an active membership of the Coimbra Group.

    Are you looking to study at a low tuition Finland University? Great! The University of Turku offers numerous scholarship programs for international students that help subsidize the tuition fee per year significantly. You can select from a number of courses including medicine, humanities, law, business, Arts, and science at this incredible institution.

    Tampere University of Technology

    The Tampere University of Technology in Finland is the country’s second-largest university in the field of engineering sciences. The university is based in Hervanta, a suburb of Tampere. This university’s statutory obligation is to pursue research and deliver high quality engineering education and produce world class engineers.

    You can study at a science-specific university in Finland! Since 1965, this university has produced incredible alumni with ties with global companies such as Nokia. Due to its excellent exhibition, it has been named 47th in the universities that are below 50 years.

    General Admission Procedure in Finland

    If your course of study is offered in Swedish or Finnish, you must apply in the joint application process (yhteishaku). The joint application process is prearranged twice a year in the spring and autumn, while the application process for courses or programs offered in English is held once in a year.

    The Language requirements for a Finnish university application

    Of course English is indispensable for your serene life as an international student in Finland. You can study in Finnish or Swedish, but reality is: no one can speak only in consonants.

    If your natural language is not Swedish, English or Finnish, you will be required to take a language quiz. Normally, UAS’s can help organize for their student’s language quizzes, either oral or written under the guise of an interview. On the other hand, Universities will be expecting a certificate straight away.

    The intriguing part is that, if you have proof of education in a foreign language, you can submit that to show your level of the language proficiency. If not, I recommend these tests, as they are recognized in Finland and universally

    • TOEFL
    • IELTS

    Required application documents

    The documents mandatory in a university in Finland are different from those required by a UAS.

    UAS’s will need from you:

    • Copies of complete or soon-to-be completed proof or qualification documents;
    • Official translations for all your documents
    • Official translations of your original diplomas or certificates
    • Employment certificate
    • Your application for special arrangements for entrance examinations.

    Universities will offer a comprehensive list of required documents once you start your online application.

    Kindly visit the website of University of choice from the list above If you need any specific information about the institution such as the application timelines.

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