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IICSE University:Free Tuition online University for International Students

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    If you did not know, ICSE University is a popular online tuition-free university. The University is driven by a powerful vision to provide education for the aged and the less-privileged people across the world, who cannot afford the cost of a traditional four year education. IICSE University offers a wide range of online and distance learning courses, all designed to take your career to the next level. They actively consider your work and life experience during the admission processing. Matured candidates are allowed to complete their studies timely on FastTrack.

    IICSE’s degree programs are developed with the goal of helping you pursue your passions and to prepare you for an intellectually rewarding career. You’ll gain the confidence and credentials to lead a rewarding life.

    They take great pride in the number of students who join them from across the world.


    Find below a number of rich popular undergraduate and postgraduate programs they offer. They offer their students extensive learning support and welfare services that help with different aspects of distance learning university life, and beyond.


        Certificate Programs (4 months)                    – Requirement: High school certificate

        Diploma Programs (9 months)                     – Requirement: High school certificate

        Associate’s Degree (18 months)                 – Requirement: High school certificate


        Bachelor’s Degree Programs (3 years)     – Requirement: High school certificate

        Bachelor’s Degree Programs (18 months)   – Requirement: Diploma / ND or equiv.

        Bachelor’s Degree Top-Up (9 months)     – Requirement: HND/Advanced Diploma

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        PostGraduate Diploma (9 months)          – Requirement: HND/Adv. Dip./Bachelors

        Master’s Degree Programs (1 year)          – Requirement: PGD/Bachelors or equiv.

        Doctoral Degree Programs (3 years)         – Requirement: MBA/Masters or equiv.

    Processing Fee

    As discussed in the preceding paragraphs, IICSE University is a tuition-free, online distance learning University. As such no school fee is charged. Books and lecture materials are even provided free of charge to all students.

    However, in order for the University to remain sustainable, they charge a one-time Application Processing Fee of $150 and an Exam Processing Fee of $50 per exam to cover the cost of processing the examination.

    Admission Requirements

    Admission to IICSE University is a straightforward process and has been that way since inception.

    The University actively supports the general principles of age, stage, past experience and qualifications, whereby  students are allowed sufficient time and space to progress through their educational development and qualifications at an appropriate rate according to their ability.

    Additionally, candidates are expected to satisfy the general University as well as specific departmental educational requirements. Please note that awaiting results are also considered.

    Interested applicants are encouraged to download and complete the Application Form. Then, send us the completed Form for admission processing.

    Once that is done, you will receive your Admission Letter together with the supporting document immediately once your completed application form is received and processed.

    Mode of Study

    IICSE University offers a unique distance learning experience that combines e-learners, information technologies, and the internet. All of our distance learning students receive study materials available via the University Portal.

    Comprised of individuals from around the world, the student body learns through a defined curriculum with the recommended study materials. The student community is being divided into several individuals – all participating in the same distance learning courses.

    With a dedicated University portal, the students and staff who comprise IICSE University represent a diverse group coming from both under-developed and developed countries around the world

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    is iicse university accredited?

    Please note that IICSE University is a registered entity with the State Government of Delaware, with U.S. Delaware Registration File number 5608078. If you wanTo search for IICSE University entity proof of registration with the State Government of Delaware, simply click on the link below, and then search for IICSE University:
    Accreditations and recognitions are in levels at this university, ranging from program to program, and department to department. In order to obtain the highest level of ranking and accreditation, an institution/ college/university has to register with an agency recognized by the Secretary of Education. On their efforts, below are the Accreditation and Approvals  received:

    The Accreditation Committee,



    1406 N. Dupont Hwy. Suite # HK0033

    New Castle DE 19720, U.S.A.

    Telefax: 844-225-8365

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