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List of Cheapest Tuition Public Universities in Austria.

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    If you are considering some affordable countries to pursue your studies, then think of Austria. Public universities in Austria are so cheap and affordable with tuition fees usually in the range of 1500 Euros to 3000 Euros per year for all study programs. Since Austria is a Schengen country, you will also have the opportunity to access or visits other European countries like Germany, Estonia, Poland etc. So lets look at some low tuition universities in Austria.

    Austria is located in central Europe and  has a history rich with art, culture, philosophy, music, and literature. It has been ranked as one of the best countries to live in and oft times considered as a cultural capital. Within this small country are 9 UNESCO world heritage sites including Salzburg’s Historic Center, the Palace and Gardens of Schönbrunn and Vienna’s Historic Center.  Austria is a really wonderful place to learn and a List of low or cheapest Tuition Affordable Public Universities in Austria will be provided later in this article.

     Tertiary Education System.

    University educational system in Austria is under the Bologna process in the European higher education area. The Bologna process was Created as a movement to foster ease of mobility and employability within all its member countries which amounts to 47. Austria, being a rather small country has only 39 tertiary institutions, but these institutions provide international students with a unique, wholesome and spectacular higher education. Education in Austria is focused towards professionalism and also towards engaging the student to study on a professionally based curriculum.  Another advantage of studying in Austria is that the university courses are taken mostly in English, although some might require German.

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    Cost of Study and Life as an international student in Austria.

    Like most university calendars, the Austrian university academic calendar is split in two, winter semester and summer semester. The academic year begins around the first week of October going through the next year and ending at the tail-end of September. Citizens of European Union member countries are not charged any tuition fee but foreign students are charged an average of 1400 Euro. Other than this a fee of 18 euro is to be paid by every student on a semester basis.

     List of Cheapest Tuition Affordable Public Universities in Austria

       University of Graz: The University of Graz was founded in the year 1585, it is the oldest and largest in all of Austria. Comprising of six faculties namely Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Business, Economic and Social sciences Faculty of Environmental, Regional and Educational Sciences, and the Faculty of Catholic Theology; Every student can find a course of study here.

    Johannes Kepler University: About two thousand international students currently attend the Johannes Kepler University. The university was founded in 1966 and it focuses mainly on innovations in science, academics, and society.

       University of Vienna: In 1365 the University of Vienna was established, with a long and rich history, the university is one of the oldest in the world and also one of the largest universities in Europe. Students in the university can select from a whopping 181 degree programmes also the University has a total of fifteen faculties.

       University of Klagenfurt: Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt is a public institution of higher learning in Austria. The University has five faculties and it was ranked in the top 800 universities in the world by QS.

       University of Innsbruck: The third largest university in Austria, the University of Innsbruck is renowned for its physics department. The university has 16 faculties.

       University of Salzburg: Also known as Paris Lodron University, It is a university that has only four faculties. The university was founded in 1622 but was closed in 1962, it was reopened in 1962 and now has a student body of 18,000.

     Visa Regulations.

     Students of EU member countries do not need visas to study in any Austrian university but international students will need to go through the standard visa applications.

      Applicant’s intent on studying at the undergraduate course should submit their applications to their university of choice. The student can get the application form from the universities website or the student admission unit or office. In Austria, lectures are usually given in German but some universities offer some courses in English.

     Accommodation might prove to an issue but students can apply for work permits and get jobs while in the university, but before the student can commence work the employer must file for employment permission at a local government institution.

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