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2019 List of Cheapest Tuition Universities in Japan






    Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, companies like Toyota, Honda, Sony and Yamaha were all founded in Japan.

    Before proceeding to itemize the list of cheapest universities in Japan, itl is important for you to know why studying in Japan will be a wise decision. Some of the reasons to school in Japan are

            Impeccable educational standards:  Japan as a country has the highest number of noble laureates in the whole of Asia. Out of the 700 universities in Japan, about 10 of them are ranked in the top 200 best universities worldwide.

            Increased employability: Schooling in Japan improves the employability of the graduate, the skills learned as international students are highly valued by employers. Graduates that schooled international are in high demand by employers and schooling in a country like Japan is a big plus on the CV of every graduate.

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            Affordable Tuition and scholarships: Universities in Japan generally have cheap or lowest tuition fees. With an approximate of $5,500 yearly, Japan proves to offer real value for money when it comes to schooling.

            Rich cultural heritage: when it comes to culture, very few countries can match Japan. For thousands of years, Japan has had inhabitants and these footprints have been stamped in history. While schooling, students will learn a lot from the history of Japan and this experience will contribute to a more wholesome schooling experience.

    International students looking to school abroad may have Japan in top contention but due to financial constraints, proceeding there might be an issue. To solve this problem, compiled below is a list of least expensive or cheapest universities in Japan.

    1. Asahikawa medical university: Located in Hokkaido, this is a core medical university. It was founded in 1973 to address the shortage of physicians
    2. Aichi Gakuin University:  Founded in 1876, it officially became a university in 1955. The school has a total student body of 12,000 students and it has a total of eleven faculties.
    3. Akita international university: Modelled after the standard liberal arts institutions in America, AIU is a public university and it is one of the few institutes of higher learning in Japan that offers courses in English.

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    1. Aichi University: The Aichi University opened its doors to students for the first time in Shanghai. It was set up as a university to cater Japanese indigenes it diaspora but now it has moved back to Japan.
    2. Kinjo University: Kinjo University is a private university with fourteen undergraduate departments. The departments cover a wide range of different fields from natural sciences to social sciences. It also has graduate colleges in humanities and human ecology.
    3. Meijo University: Also the largest university in Chukyo metropolitan area, Meijo University was founded in 1926. Some renowned Japanese to have attended Meijo University are Takuya Kirimoto who is a famous actor and Isamu Akasaki, who was awarded the Nobel prize in physics for the year 2014.
    4. Nagoya University: Nagoya University has a rich 144-year history. The university is the last imperial university of Japan in the year 1939. The university also boasts of about 2,200 international students and 16,000 students in total. Also, lectures in Nagoya University are given in English.
    5. Nanzan University: Comprising of seven faculties, thirteen research centres and institutes, Nanzan University offers a really wholesome schooling experience at an affordable rate.
    6. Shubun University: Shubun University aims at the promotion of individuality and to encourage personal excellence. It was founded as women’s commercial school but has developed to a full blown university. The tuition fees are affordable but lectures are taken in Japanese.
    7. Toyota Technological Institute: Fondly referred to as TTI, It is one the universities based out of Nagoya in Japan. TTI was founded with a massive endowment from the renowed motor car company known as Toyota Motors Corporation. TTI has a college of engineering and it specializes mainly in three main areas namely: material sciences and engineering, Mechanical systems engineering, and Electronic and information systems engineering. TTI is ranked as the fifth best university in Japan.
    8. Toyohashi University of Technology:  Classified as a University of technology, TUT is one out of the two universities of technologies in Japan. TUT has a high level of excellence at undergraduate and postgraduate level with about 80% of its student body possessing pre-university technical knowledge.

    Japan is definitely a fantastic choice for international students who hope to  study internationally and with this level of affordability, it will turn out to be a worthwhile decision.

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