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Top 5 Medical Universities in the USA for International Students





    A rewarding career in medicine basically starts when you find the best medical school in the U.S. that suits your individual needs. Consider carefully the following vital information about the top-ranking medical schools in the US. We believe this information will greatly help you to narrow down your choices to an institution that suits your educational,budget and career needs..

    Top US Medical Schools

    1. Harvard University Medical School

    Since it was founded several years ago, Harvard University consistently ranks as one of the best medical institutions in the United States in terms of quality of faculty, programs made available, mentoring, and advisory services.

    An entering medical school class typically begins with a coveted annual White Coat Ceremony, and students then choose what is known as a Pathways program. Pathways students study scientific principles while improving their clinical knowledge and skills.

    Latter In their second year, students then kickstart their clinical experiences. During this time and before their medical clerkship, students performances are graded as unsatisfactory or satisfactory.

    Harvard University medical students have the privilege of opting for joint degrees, including law and business concurrently, even cross-registering at other schools within the university itself such as its Business School and Law School.

    2. Johns Hopkins University Medical School

    Johns Hopkins University is without any doubt a world-renowned medical institution, recognized by the National Institutes of Health. There are also popular faculties and organizations within Harvard such as the university’s research centers; Brain Science Institute and the Institute of Genetic Medicine.

    Johns Hopkins School of Medicine is the arm of the highly-ranked Johns Hopkins Hospital and students at this prestigious medical school typically earn an M.D. or Ph.D. or both over a period  of eight years. The university equally awards dual degrees, including an M.D. and Masters of Public Health (M.P.H.), and an M.D. and M.B.A. program as well.

    First year medical students at Johns Hopkins learn through academics and clinical exposure. They are put into one of four colleges at the university, including Nathans, Sabin, Taussig, and Thomas. Each college offers advisers who will guide students through their chosen research and academic paths as well as future career options.

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    3. Stanford University Medical School

    Stanford University at the moment ranks in the top 5 medical schools in the U.S. when we talk about research, and the top 50 for primary care. This institution offers a strong 2:1 ratio of faculty to students, and medical students are typically at a 50-50 ratio of men to women.

    Popular residency courses at Stanford include pediatrics, neurology, emergency medicine, internal medicine, and psychiatry. The curriculum at Stanford University encourages innovation, novel methods of research and care, and medical intervention.

    4. University of Pennsylvania Medical School

    Did you know the University of Pennsylvania was home to the first ever medical school in the United States, and still continues to offer highly-ranked programs for its med students.

    The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine is the arm of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Hospital, and students have a wide range of choices for their degree programs, including an M.D., Ph.D., and several other masters degree courses.

    Students at the University of Pennsylvania equally study in small groups that place emphasis on surgical and medical teamwork, and the school’s faculty and students are active in the community, collectively responsible for many health clinics, awareness programs, in and around the city of Pennsylvania. There are more than 50 centers and institutes through which students can learn, including surgical theaters in the city.

    5. University of California San Francisco Medical School

    UCSF deals with innovative research and studies and is considered one of the best and top rated medical schools in the United States. The university has produced five Nobel laureates and is known for its award winning research in cancer, aging, genomes, and neurodegenerative diseases.

    Students at UCSF are put in multidisciplinary teams and allowed to focus on rapid advancement of research, diagnosis, and care. The university’s location also affords it  the opportunity to seamlessly recruit specialists in the fields of technology and computer science who will combine research with advances in medicine and sciences as well as modern research methods.

    So medical students at this university can choose between 19 Ph.D. programs and 11 master’s programs. The university also awards more than 1100 postdoctoral scholarships as well as individualized counseling for continuing education and career options.

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