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Top 4 Cheapest Universities in Philippines($1,200-$2,500 per year)





    Philippines, is a rapidly developing country and emerging Asian market.This is beautiful country continues to welcome an increasing number of international students and is also a renowned tourist destination – especially when you look at those aesthetic tropical and sunny beaches. But Philippines has more than just a beautiful coastline; international students who study on low tuition in the Philippines will be able to actively explore the country’s fascinating mix of Islamic, Malay, Spanish and Jewish impact and influences on Filipino culture.

    How to Apply to Universities in Philippines

    At the moment,there are currently two intakes for entry into universities in the Philippines, one is in June and the other in November. Please do well to apply directly to the institution you are interested in and provide an academic transcript that ties in to your level of study. Depending on the institution and the program you’ve applied to, you may be required to submit letters of recommendation and/or sit for admission exams.

    Since the language of instruction at most of their universities is English, you’ll be required to prove your proficiency with a standardized test such as IELTS or TOEFL if english is not your first language.

    Student Visas

    Please note that all international students will need to apply for a student visa, which you’ll have to apply for at the Philippine embassy or consulate in your home country after you’ve gotten admission into a Filipino university. You are expected to have the right documents (which would be listed out on the embassy’s website) and then go on to attend an interview at the embassy or consulate. Typically your Philippines student visa will be valid for just a year and has to be renewed every semester. The documents required are as follows:

    • Your international passport, has to be valid for at least six months after you intend to leave the Philippines;
    • Put together a completed visa application form;
    • A medical health certificate (DFA Form 11) with life-size chest x-ray and laboratory reports;
    • Three photographs of yourself;
    • A police clearing certificate;
    • Your admission letter  to study at an institution in the Philippines;
    • Proof that you have sufficient cash to support yourself during your stay, or alternatively a scholarship;
    • Receipt of your paid visa fee.

    Tuition and Funding

    International students who are interested in studying on cheapest tuition in the Philippines will be delighted to learn that living costs are very affordable and cheap – in fact, you’ll only need about US$4,200-6,000 per year. Tuition fees are equally very cheap. Universities determine their own fees and they vary across programs and disciplines, but you should expect to pay an average of US$1,000 per year at public universities and about US$1,200 to 2,500 at private ones.

    Please note be informed that your student visa will not permit you to work part time in the Philippines while you study there, so you won’t be able to supplement your expenses on the go.

    Health and Safety

    Do well to obtain your health insurance before proceeding to study in the Philippines. You would be able to acquire this from the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, which gives affordable health insurance for all its citizens. Do not forget to check available options in your home country. It’s equally important to visit your health practitioner for vaccinations before you travel out to the Philippines.

    Please note that due to the’ location  of Philippines on the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’ it makes it prone to earthquakes and typhoons, the latter can happen during the rainy season between June to November. They’ve been tons of volcanoes in the Philippines. It’s important  to read up on what to do in case there are any natural disasters. From 2016, the island of Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago were classified dangerous due to terrorist activities so international students are encouraged not to visit these locations.

    List of Low Tuition Universities

    University of the Philippines

    This institution is ranked joint 367th in the World University Rankings 2018 and 75th in the Asian province, the University of the Philippines (UP) is a renowed public university system comprised of seven constituent universities and roughly 15 campuses spread across the country. The institution’s flagship campus and administrational seat is at the University of the Philippines Diliman, which is found at Quezon City and hosts about 22,765 students. UP was established by the American colonial government sometime in 1908 and has gone on to gain a strong reputation, consistently referred to as a top rated university in the country

    Ateneo de Manila University

    The Ateneo de Manila University is another renowed private research university which currently  ranks 551-600 in the world rankings and joint 95th across Asia. Its four campuses are found in the Metro Manila region, with the administrative campus located at Quezon City. It was established in 1859 by the Society of Jesus and is one of the country’s oldest universities. If you didn’t know Ateneo ranks as one of the top 200 universities in the world for English language and literature courses, and its arts and humanities faculty consistently rank as one of the top 350 in the world.

    De La Salle University

    Our next stop in the Philippines, is De La Salle University (DLSU) which is ranked 701-750 in the world and 134th in recent edition of the QS Asia University Rankings. DLSU is a renowned and popular  private, Roman Catholic research university which was founded sometime in 1911 by the Brothers of the Christian Schools and was originally a boys’ institution. It houses around 18,500 students and has a big campus in the heart of Manila

    University of Santo Tomas

    The University of Santo Tomas (UST, also referred to as Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas, or the Catholic University of the Philippines) ranks 701+ in the world rankings and 157th in Asia. UST is a reputable private, Roman Catholic research university based in Manila, and has the privilege of being the oldest university in both the Philippines and Asia, having been established in 1611. We would encourage to do all you can to study on cheapest tuition in this institution if you are keen on studying on low tuition in Asia

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