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Cheapest Universities in Canada with No Application Fees

    Canada is an amazing country filled with tons of exciting opportunities. Relocating to this place for college education or for work could be a worthwhile move in the long run. While the country has several universities that literally cater to almost any career choice, they can be quite pricey. This alone can be a problem for international students looking to study here but on a fixed budget. In order to help such needy international students, we’ve put together a list of cheap universities in Canada without application fees even for international students.

    Quest University International

    Free Application Fees for: local and international students applying through the online application medium before the deadline

    Quest University is without doubt a renowned privately funded institution based in Squamish, British Columbia. The institution is relatively small, hosting just about 700 students annually. They typically focus most of their specialties on the Liberal Arts and Sciences. For EU or international students seeking institutions with past histories and glories, you may be disappointed with Quest University. Founded in 2007, their halls are barely a decade old. However, if you love and are in tune with modern architecture and facilities, you will definitely fall in love with this college. Thus, it is an excellent school that offers great courses with cheap tuition fees. There are also roughly 700 students total so for those intimidated by larger crowds found in bigger universities, this may be for you.

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    Centennial College

    This university offers both part-time & full-part programs for local and international students. It also allows students the opportunity to apply online by filling out the required application form, and they offer several interesting disciplines.

    They offer courses in mass communications, mental health, business management, engineering, to mention but a few.

    Redeemer University

    The Redeemer University, located in Ontario has free application fees, as long as you submit your application before the deadline. Otherwise, you will have to pay an application fee for being given the privilege of being considered again for their admission openings.

    It is also good to know that this institution as their name implies, has a long  standing strong religious tie. This may be a deal breaker for students who have different beliefs. Religious subjects may accompany class schedules, & the administration does offer some religion-focused activities around the campus for students.

    That said, if you are interested in these universities in Canada with free application fees, definitely take a look and go for it!

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