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2019 Comprehensive List of Low Tuition Universities in South Korea for International Students

    South Korea is undoubtedly one of the world’s biggest economies with a technology savvy population. This country is historical  in its culture, religion, and education. But today it is a brand name in higher education. It is one of the top countries in the world with some of the best universities. The universities, are super outstanding for its great performance over the last decade. As an international student seeking low tuition or affordable universities, I highly recommend South Korea to you.

    I have no doubt that you will enjoy studying in these cheap and affordable schools in South Korea and for this reason, I have carefully carried out thorough research and in this article, I will provide  a list of affordable tuition fees for you as an international student. But before you decide to study in South Korea, do you know the country’s history or what it is about? If you don’t really have an idea about it, i’ll give you the gist.

    South Korea is an Asian country that has Seoul as its capital, and it is located in the eastern part of Asia. The country is next to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, that is North Korea. South Korea is indeed a wonderful country and the best destination for migrants and it has about 45% of the peninsula.

    South Korea has an amazing educational system, starting from intensive six years of primary education and thereafter a student proceeds to another level of education, which is three years of middle education, and these are very compulsory. Once a student has completed middle school for three years and graduated, the student then moves to high school or maybe a technical school depending on the student’s choice. In South Korea, a student after graduating from high school then proceeds to a higher institution. South Korea has a good number of  international students and this has never decreased. The number just keeps increasing because of its great exhibition in learning.

    You will also like to know about the health aspect and your welfare as a student. Right from the time Korean War ended there have been an increasing number of medical services and this has indeed covered the basic wants of the country and it has spread to even the remote rural areas giving 100% satisfactory level to the country.

    In Early 1960, the numbers of buildings in Seoul was less with a low 10 stories in their structures. South Korea today has countless number of skyscrapers mostly in the capital city, Seoul.

    It goes without saying that South Korea will be a unique study destination for you as an international student.

    In addition to this, you will also get to develop your language skills and possibly learn a foreign language such as Korean.

    In all the universities in Asia and Europe, it is in South Korea that you will have a unique study and University experience.

    You will also enjoy their technical programs as well as there first-rate facilities.

    By the time you become a student in South Korea, you will see for yourself that it South Korea has an impressive and outstanding educational ranking.

    You must also be ready to secure an international workplace.

    South Korea Universities has an affordable option for you as an international student.

    This country has been so outstanding because of its advanced modernized cities and the large population it has managed to keep happy. Though this country is seen to be highly influenced by American culture it has also strived to withhold its proud historical culture.

    A beautiful mix of cultures and religion exist in South Korea but its popular religion is the Buddhism while Shamanism, Daoism, and Confucianism are the long historical religions that have been practiced for many years in South Korea. Christianity on the other hand has only succeeded to engulf one-third part of the total population and the largest groups being Methodists, Presbyterian, and Roman Catholic. While Buddhism claims more than one-fourth the total Korean population.

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    Comprehensive list of low tuition fees universities in South Korea for you.

    1. Soongsil University

    This is another low tuition fee university in South Korea, and stands out as an excellent citadel of higher learning. An American Missionary founded it since the year 1897 and since its establishment, its topmost priority is striving to be the best in South Korea. This university is highly recommended for you as an international student if you are interested in an undergraduate, Masters or Ph.D. program of your choice that is offered by this institution. Indeed this university has a variety of courses that you can pick from.

    Bachelor’s degree $9,000

    Postgraduate $12,000

    1. SeoulTech

    This is another public institution that operates on low tuition for international students.If you did not know it is among the cheapest in Korea to offer an excellent education for an affordable tuition fee. It has a well developed curriculum for its students in Science and Technology since the day of was established in 1910.

    Bachelor’s degree $5,000

    Postgraduate $7,500

    1. Handong Global University

    One of the most affordable too in Korea because of the many scholarships the institution offers to international students which you can possibly be a beneficiary. It has a good number of international students from over 32 countries in the world numbering about 5,000

    Bachelor’s degree $6,200

    Postgraduate $8,000

    1. Hannam University

    A Christian university founded since 1956 in Daejeon, South Korea

    Bachelor’s degree $7,100

    Postgraduate $8,800

    1. Sangmyung University

    This is another coveted institution  in South Korea that is cheap and affordable for an international student. It was founded sometime in the year 1937 and consistently strived to be among the top rated private universities that you will find in South Korea. You will love this university because of the great professors and facilities you will find in the school.

    Bachelor’s Program: $19,000

    Postgraduate NA

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