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Study Free in the University of Helsinki: How to Apply, Cost of Living and Application Deadline

    The University of Helsinki is a  really great place to study!  The University currently boast of four campuses with about 36000 students enrolled. The total enrolment number of international students is approximately 3000. The social life in this university is a one of a kind!  Students life is very diverse and the services offered to students are of international  standard.

    Cost of Living
    The city of Helsinki is actually an expensive city to study in, however, students are encouraged to budget  enough finances to cover the cost of accommodation, and  personal expenses. In general cases, the cost of living in Finland  is put at 700 euros every month, depending on the student’s spending  power. Dorm  rent in the  dormitory is roughly 400 euros a month. Lunch at  the  student’s cafeterias is about 2.30 and  4.30  euros for undergraduate international students, 4.25 and 6.20 for international postgraduate students.

    How to Apply
    All undergraduate admission applications to Helshinki University is done through the university admissions Finland’s my UAF service. This service is completely free, all you’ve to  do is to create an account with them and begin your  application.
    Be informed that all undergraduate applicants to this University would be  required to write a compulsory entrance examination on getting to the republic of Finland . Entrance examinations are the only avenue to getting an undergraduate programme at the university of Helsinki.  This policy applies to all applicants irrespective of nationality. Moreover, this entrance examination is a written test, subject related test with  several books to read. The minimum point requirement is deemed  by the admissions board of the department.

    When to Apply
    Application period for undergraduate studies is always between march and april. Note that the undergraduate studies application forms are only available in Finnish or Swedish languages.

    Admission period for postgraduate studies usually begins in November and closes on the 31st of january at 16.00 . However,  most degree programmes have varrying deadlines, so you have to check deadlines dire3ctly with the institution
    Fees and tuition
    Universities in finland  are tuition free! Education is highly subsidized by the state through the finnish ministry of education, hence, their students are exempted from paying fees. This is also applicable to  international students seeking degrees.

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