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What is Yale’s Acceptance Rate plus Admission?




    Yale University is a member of the prestigious member of Ivy League colleges and one of the world’s most selective institutions, that boasts a community of renowned intellectuals and academics. It has impressive resources, respectable endowment, and fantastic facilities.

     Both local and international students at Yale University are assigned one of 14 residential colleges, to which they remain affiliated throughout their four years at Yale and beyond. This integration is super important as these smaller residential colleges foster a feeling of community of a much smaller school within the context and resources of a larger one. Little wonder that it continues to attract some of the best students in the country and around the world.

     If you’re an applicant seeking admission into Yale, you may be wondering what the acceptance rate is and other admissions requirements. This article will outline all the you need to know and provide insight on how to improve and enhance your chances

    So, Yale’s Acceptance Rate is 6.3%

     Yale is one of the toughest universities in the country to get into. In 2018, for example, it anroled just 2,200 of its 35,000 applicants to the class of 2022. This led to an acceptance rate of just 6.3%, putting it as the fifth most selective college in the country. Interestingly, only Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia had more competitive admissions.

     Some time in 2017, Yale increased the size of incoming freshman classes: two additional residential colleges were added to its primary campus. This increase moved total undergraduate enrollment from 5,400 to 6,200. Sad to say, Yale’s acceptance rate hit a record low in 2018. Inorder to receive admission to this Ivy, it’s clear you’ll need to submit a beyond-impressive application.

     As expected with an Ivy League school, early action applicants had much higher and better acceptance rates than their regular decision counterparts. To put into context, of the 2,200 students given admission to Yale’s class of 2022, about 735 came from early action, making the acceptance rate 15.5%, significantly better than the 6.3% acceptance rate in total. 

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    What SAT and ACT Scores Are Required to Get Into Yale?

     Successful Yale applicants usually achieved impressive scores on standardized tests. Using stats from the class of 2022, 80% had composite SAT scores over 1400. Generally speaking, admitted students achieved scores slightly higher on the math section of the SAT than they did on the reading portion. Around 65% achieved scores at or above 760 in math, while about 45% met this standard on the reading section. Less than 1% of admits acheived a score of less than 600 on any section of the SAT.

     Similarly,ACT achievements for the class of 2022 were equally great. Roughly 87% of all admitted students achieved a composite ACT score of 32 or above. About 2% did below 27.

    What Are the Other Admissions Requirements to Get Into Yale?

     Inorder to gain admission into Yale, applicants are expected to submit the following:

    • Your transcript
    • Two teacher recommendations and a counselor letter
    • A mid-year report
    • SAT and two SAT Subject Test Scores, or ACT scores
    • $80 application fee or fee waiver
    • Yale supplementary writing questions

     The requirements for international students are almost the same, but not exactly. Do well to go on their website for more on this and more. 

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    How Can I Get Into Yale?

     Yale employs a holistic admissions approach, which contributes to a diverse study body. About 20% of Yale’s incoming freshman class were awarded Pell Grants, Another 11% were legacy students, and the other 18% were first-generation college students. Yale’s acceptances cuts across all 50 states including Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, this is in addition to 57 international countries. Its estimated that 47% are students of color and 65% came from public high schools.

     Of course, academics is a top consideration, and Yale admits usually excel academically. 95% sat in the top 10% of their graduating high school classes. The Dean of Admissions, Mr Jeremiah Quinlan, admitted that those enroled io the class of 2022 “have already demonstrated the highest levels of scholarship in their secondary school endeavors and are exceptionally well prepared to take advantage of Yale’s academic opportunities.”

     The Yale admissions committee puts it that about 75% of applicants are actually qualified and eligible to attend Yale. Though academic performances are the first screening tool employed, most applicants usually pass without issue, having consistently and successfully undertake and gone through a challenging academic workload. What separates admitted students is often the qualitative factors of their application: their drive/passions and achievements till date, captivating essays, strong recommendations.

     Unlike Harvard, many Yale students tend to focus more on academics. Interestingly, Harvard values community engagement, leadership, and other metrics of success, while Yale on the other hand values students who have deeply engaged with an academic topic, but in an extracurricular sense. To provide context, a student with an interest in robotics who began a robotics course for disabled children would satisfy this criteria well.

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