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Top 6 Online ICT Certificates That Can Land You A Big Job

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    Certificate is an important document that provides your (prospective) organization with recognition of your skills and knowledge. It also gives them peace of mind in the knowledge that ICT qualified professional is responsible for the their ICT jobs, which could be: installation, implementation, management and administration of ICT products.

    Hence, acquiring knowledge and skills in ICT courses would be almost useless, if there’s no certificate to proof thereof. Truth be told, getting online ICT certificates ( the certificate you get after studying ICT online) can be somewhat expensive. Therefore, this article provides important information on affordable online ICT certificates.


    1. Undergraduate Certificate – Cyber Security

    UNIVERSITY: Colorado State University

    TYPE:  Global

    DURATION: 24 Weeks

    TYPE OF CERTIFICATE: Undergraduate Certificate

    LANGUAGE USED: English

    This undergraduate Certificate in Cyber Security is designed for those want to own a dependent enterprise in information technology.

    Professors and other professionals in this ICT course will be available online to train you on it.

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    1. CIW Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 Specialist Certification

    The CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist certification is an ICT course designed for

    -Internet Consultants,

    -Marketing Professionals,

    -Web and Graphic Artists,

    -Web Designer and

    -Business Professionals,

    This certification validates your essential HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

    Requirements: Students are required to have JavaScript knowledge.



    LANGUAGE USED: English

    The number of hackers on the internet are drastically increasing. Certified Ethical Hacker training course enables students to counter and defend hackers from penetrating networks and gain access to sensitive information. Graduates of this course would as an internet FBI.

    Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a lucrative course. With its certification, graduates  will gain a valuable credential commanding an average salary of over $100,000 per year. This course certification, will expand on the hacking techniques and lead into the area of cyber forensics and investigation.

    Topics that would properly treated in details  include:

    – DDOS Attacks,


    -Policy Creation,

    -Social Engineering,

    – Virus Creation,

    -Buffer Overflows and others.

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    1. CIW JavaScript Specialist Certification

    The course is one of the latest best quality and affordable online ICT course.

    The CIW JavaScript Specialist Certification is a majorly designed for:

    – Web developers,

    -Software developers,

    -Application programmers,

    – Web designers, and also

    – UI/UX designers: The UX/UI Design of the application improves the user experience and customer satisfaction that ultimately helps increase the number of users of the specific application. The UI and UX Design is designed to make surfing your application easier for your customers. It guides them and provide them what they are looking for.


    Requirements for this course: Students should be fluent in working with the Internet, and should have a background knowledge of how to develop  Web pages and how to configure networks.

    5.IW JavaScript Specialist Certification

    This online ICT course is highly suggested for professionals or students who use the internet on the job.

    The CIW JavaScript Specialist Certification is also designed for :

    -Web developers,

    – Application programmers,

    -Web designers,

    – Software developers and

    – UI/UX designers.

    This certification enhances the value of your website through interactivity.

    The scheme of study will include: how to use JavaScript to communicate with users, how to modify the Document Object Model (DOM), how to also animate images, and communicate with databases.


    1. CIW Web Foundations Series Certification

    The CIW Web Foundations Series certification program is mostly designed for computer professionals who would like to learn how to work effectively in business environments and how to work with Internet protocols, Internet connection methods, cloud computing and mobile devices.

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    How Much Do Affordable ICT Online Programs?

    Most of the affordable ICT online programs range from $10- $500 depending on your choice of program.

    What is the Duration of these programs?

    The duration of the programs vary. Some are for few months while others could extend to two (2) years.

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