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Top 5 Universities in Italy





    When contemplating the many countries in Europe that provide valuable opportunities for tertiary education, Italy is definitely one of such countries to consider. Italy is renowned for its amazing history, beautiful cities of art, globally recognized food culture and an accepting community. This makes Italy one of the best study abroad destinations for international students, and it should not come as any surprise that institutions of higher education offer tons of study abroad and student exchange programs.

    In addition to this, you will realize that several universities in Italy were founded thousands of years ago. Infact, The University of Bologna is actually the oldest university in the world! While the country’s history has not been so smooth, it continues to represent a melting pot of rich and diverse cultures and traditions that come from each of its 20 key regions.

    This article will examine some of the best institutions of higher education in Italy for international students.

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    Best Universities in Italy for International Students

    1. Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC)

    The Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, or the UCSC, is a renowned research university in Italy. The main campus of UCSC is in Milan with satellite campuses in Rome, Piacenza, Brescia and Cremona. Together with its five campuses and a student population above 30,000, the university has a reputation for being the largest catholic, non-secular university of higher education in the world plus the largest private university in the world. The UCSC does a wide range of programs through its 12 academic faculties and postgraduate schools. These degrees are awarded in both Italian and English; because of its international reputation, this instituitiion in Italy for international students equally awards accredited double degrees through partnerships with other international universities which allows students to study abroad. The university is ranked highly for its teaching and employability. In terms of its subjects, UCSC is famous for its Law degrees and its faculty of Law is ranked 80th in the world. 



    2. The University of Padua

    Found in the city of Padua, Italy, the University of Padua is also one of the world’s oldest universities! Founded sometime in 1222 as a university of law, the institution has expanded and grown into a diverse and top rated institution that empowers well over 60,000 students. It is ranked as one of the best Italian institutions of higher learning in the country as well as globally. Some of its renowed alumni include Nicolas Copernicus and Sir Edward Greaves. This institution in Italy also offers a reasonable range of degrees under 20+ academic departments. Presently, this coveted institution has expanded its campus to other parts of the province of Veneto and has further built up tons of international partnerships as a means of improving its global position. As a result, international students have access to a diverse wealth of options during their studies in terms of foreign exchange and the like.

    3. Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa 

    The Scuola Normale Superiore is a coveted university of higher education found in Pisa, Italy. Founded in 1810 as a sister institution to École Normale Supériere in Paris with means of empowering teachers of the Roman empire, the institution currently supports more than 500 students in a number of degrees. It eventually expanded into a world-class university that sits as one of the top universities in Italy, among the top 30 universities of Europe and among the top 200 universities world wide. In addition to its campus in Pisa, the institution also has a separate campus in Florence. SNS offers a multitude of degrees for its students under several academic faculties. International partnerships with other universities enable a cross-exchange of students and for improving international influx. International students, particularly doctoral candidates and postgraduate students, have access to a range of scholarship and funding opportunities as well.

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    4. Politecnico di Milano

    Situated in Milan, Italy, the Politecnico di Milano (Polytechnic University of Milan) is one of the biggest technical institutions in the country. Founded in 1863, this renowed institution offers education for students in various fields of architecture, design, and engineering. In addition to its primary campus in Milan, the Polytechnic also runs satellite campuses across the country. Popular for being the oldest university in the region, the Polytechnic is also famous for its engineering programs which are ranked the best in Italy. Its programs for design, architecture and structural & civil engineering are also highly competitive. In addition, this institution has built several connections with international partner universities which enables students to integrate their degree programs with amazing study experiences outside of Italy. For example, PhD students have the amazing opportunity of studying for a year abroad at MIT. The institution also maintains a high profile for its research and takes on around 60 large-scale international projects annually.


    5. Lorenzo de Medici International Institute

    Are you looking for yet another world class institution in Italy? If yes, the Lorenzo de Medicine Institute is a fantastic choice. It has its main campus in Florence, and also runs additional campuses in Rome, Venice, and Tuscania. The LdM is popular for providing a popular study-abroad program for international students who desire to study in Italy. It has an annual student enrolment which is over 2500, the institution deals in Italian language programs, liberal arts and fine arts, and all these programs are taught in English in addition to Italian as well. Examples of such courses and degrees are bachelor’s degrees for studio art, conservation studies, fashion design, Italian language and a master’s degree in Museum studies. The LdM further equally has accredited courses that are run in partnership with international universities such as in the United States (Marist College, New York) and other universities in the world. Per academics, classes are routinely nature and are therefore very interactive for local and international students. 



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