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Top 5 Low Tuition Universities in New Zealand and How to Apply

    Do you know that New Zealand is as big as Japan or Great Britain.As an international student you will really enjoy living on the countryside with the country’s amazing and super spectacular rolling green hills, golden sand beaches and lush rainforests, accessible in a few hours drive. On top of that Universities offer courses on low tuition for international students.

    In addition New Zealand has a small population-only four million residents, known popularly as ‘Kiwis’, who are very warm, affectionate, kind and appreciative of visitors, and international friends. New Zealanders naturally travel out of their continent a lot,so this means they are exposed to a wide range of cultures and traditions.

    New Zealand is a nicely multicultural country, with Maori people, Pacific Islanders, European and Asians coming together to create an amazing and colourful society.

    Tuition Fees

    Generally,  tuition fees for universities in New Zealand are actually cheap when compared with institutions of other developed nations. These fees are different for different universities and colleges and varies with programs. Please find below a list of how much each course cost .

    Undergraduate Courses

    Arts / Humanities / Social Sciences  $ 10,000 – $ 12,000 per year

    Commerce / Administration / Management  $ 10,000 – $ 12,500 per year

    Computing & Mathematical Sciences  $ 13,000 – $ 15,000 per year

    Engineering  $ 16,000 – $ 17,500 per year

    Science / Science Technology  $ 14,000 – $ 16,000 per year

    Technology $ 14,000 – $ 18,000 per year

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    Living Expenses

    The rough living cost for international students is between $ 10,000 – 13,000, which should cover accommodation and personal expenses.

    However, please note that these expenses would vary for different people depending on the lifestyle the individual chooses. Also, New Zealand has one of the lowest cost of living among developed countries of the world.

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    University of Canterbury

    The University of Canterbury is a renowned public institution and one of the cheapest in New Zealand for both local and  international students. Established in 1873,the university is located in ChristChurch, New Zealand. It operates a large number of undergraduate and postgraduate programs at cheap or affordable tuition for international students.

    Programs Offered

    • Medical programs
    • Engineering programs
    • Natural sciences
    • Humanities
    • Business Administration

    Massey University

    Massey university is another one of those universities with affordable tuition fees. It was founded in 1927 as a public university.Massey University is currently the largest in New Zealand. It offers a large number of scholarships for international students.

    Programs Offered

    • Engineering programs
    • Medical programs
    • Social sciences
    • Business programs

    Lincoln University

    The campus of Lincoln University in New Zealand is located in lincoln.This one was founded in 1878 as an independent public university.Equally one of the cheapest in New Zealand for international students. It awards loads of scholarships for international students.

    Programs Offered

    • Engineering
    • Medical Courses
    • Natural Sciences
    • Business Courses
    • Social Sciences

    LaidLaw College

    One of the cheapest universities in New Zealand is LaidLaw College. Established in 1922 as a public university, the university is famous for its Biblical, pastoral, and several hstory courses. LaidLaw College is located in Henderson, New Zealand.

    Programs Offered

    • Bible Studies
    • History
    • Management
    • Theological Courses
    • Pastoral Studies

    University of Auckland

    This institution was established in 1883 as a public university-one of the largest in New Zealand. It is located in Auckland, New Zealand. University of Auckland is placed among the world’s best in global ranking.

    Programs Offered

    • Medical programs
    • Engineering
    • Business Admin
    • Management Sciences
    • Law
    • Human services

    Funding Opportunities

    There are various scholarships available to support international students who would like to study in New Zealand, including some provided by the country’s government. In addition, The New Zealand Education website also has a search tool which allows you to search for scholarships that are relevant for your nationality, subject and/or study level.

    While it’s not a good idea to rely heavily on earnings from a part-time student job, your student visa actually allows you to work for up to 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during academic breaks.Please be aware that those pursuing a Masters by Research or PhD are unlimited as to the number of hours they can work.

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    Requirements for study in New Zealand

    If you are planning to study in New Zealand, ensure that you meet all the requirements before you start your admission process as stated below. Please note that almost all universities in New Zealand accept online application for admission. So all you need do is locate the university website and look for the online application page. Before you start your application online you have the following documents ready:

    If you are applying to study for diplomas and degrees at Universities, Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics, students coming through New Zealand’s secondary school system generally will need NCEA Level 3 qualifications.

    Applicants who come from overseas or international students should submit certificates that indicate that they have achieved a similar University entrance level of education – such certificates might include GCSE A levels for applicants who studied in the UK, Hong Kong ‘A’ Levels, STPM /Malaysian Higher School Certificate Australian Matriculation Year 12 Certificate. They should also be able to prove their English proficiency skills.

    Assuming you are a domestic student that’s over 20, you don’t need formal qualifications to apply for entry.

    If in situations where what the students have is not adequate to get secure admission into a university or college, there are short-term foundation studies or pre-university orientation studies at PTEs or universities to prepare for university-level study. All they need do is to check with the tertiary education provider they are considering.

    How to apply for visa to study in New Zealand

    Following these steps will help you apply for admission and get your visa to study in New Zealand

    1. Once you have chosen an institution, find out the required documents. These documents may include a copy of your passport, a medical certificate, school reports and exam results
    2. Pay an application fee for the admission, if needed, and submit application form.
    3. Attend an interview, if its required. Sometimes schools carry out interview via Skype, WeChat or another messaging app.
    4. Take an English language assessment, if required
    5. Submit your application online.
    6. Once you have been given admission, pay your deposit or full fees to the school.

    Once you have received a confirmed offer of place and, if you’re under 18, a written guarantee of accommodation, you are ready to apply for your student visa.

    During the visa process, documents you will be asked to supply include your offer of place, your accommodation guarantee, evidence you have enough money to study and live in New Zealand, and medical and travel insurance details.

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