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Top 5 Cheapest Universities in UAE for International Students






    In this post, I will write about some of the cheapest universities in UAE (United Arab Emirates). This influential kingdom has become very popular among international students because of the massive upgrade in the quality of their tertiary institutions. By virtue of their oil money, UAE has invested billions of dollars into their universities, which has allowed them build fantastic and modern infrastructures, attract world class professors, and award scholarships on a yearly basis to deserving international students. As a result,thousands of international students desire to study on low tuition in UAE.

    When you read the description of the universities, you will realize a common thread. Many of these universities were founded twenty years ago.In order to meet the high demand for a world class education in UAE, there are several institutes of higher learning that are available in United Arab Emirates.

    Cheap Universities in the United Arab Emirates with Tuition Fees

    University Name Tuition Fees
    University of Sharjah $13,600
    United Arab Emirates University $16,300
    Khalifa University $27,000
    Ajman University $13,600
    Abu Dhabi University $11,780
    Al Ain University of Science and Technology $8,900
    American University in the Emirates $9,800

    Affordable Universities in UAE, Tuition Link, and Descriptions

    While most of these universities are relatively cheap and affordable, others are not. Some of these universities, however, do award great scholarship for international students. I have included links to the official website of each university, so do well to visit and learn more.  

    University of Sharjah

    • Tuition Link
    • Description- This popular university is a private institution that was established sometime in 1997. Although it is a relatively new university, it is one of the best institutions in UAE for international students. There is a large push for internationalization, and because of that, there has been an increase in the number of international students applying to study in this university. At the moment, roughly 10% of the student body is international students, and definitely will have more in the future!

    United Arab Emirates University

    • Tuition Link
    • Description- United Arab Emirates University is another leading university in the UAE. Since it was established in 1976, this institution has gained worldwide reputation and fame because of its outstanding professors and programs. It has a ranking of 48th in the world rankings for universities that are founded within the last 50 years. If you would love to study here at a world-class institution, you should apply by all means.

    Khalifa University

    • Tuition Fees
    • Description- Yet another institution in the UAE that is renowned for its science courses. Established in 2007, this university climbed up the ranks and became 401st place in recent QS World Rankings. It has established academic and corporate partnerships with renowned institutions including Georgia Tech and KAIST. The student population is about 1,300 students, but it has plans to expand the student body to 6,000 students when it builds a bigger campus.

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    Ajman University

    • Tuition Link
    • This university is very popular in Arab nations. It was ranked in the top 50 for high performing Arab universities. It was formerly a science and technology school, and is still very strong in those areas. Students who study at this university are able to access several facilities, including gymnasium, swimming pool, restaurants, etc. There are several courses that students can study such as engineering, information technology, dentistry, humanities, communications, law, education, business administration, to mention but a few.

    Abu Dhabi University

    • Tuition Fees
    • Abu Dhabi University is another university that was founded in 2003 to provide excellent and quality education in the Arab region. It has three big campuses including one in Dubai. Although it is not twenty years old as at yet, this cheap university in UAE continues to attract tons of local and international students. At this moment, it has more than 8,000 students undertaking undergraduate and graduate programs. The cheap tuition fees charged compared to other universities in other countries has contributed to rapid increase in the student body.

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