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Top 20 Low Tuition Medical Universities in Australia, Tuition Fees and Application Requirements




    The field and study of Medicine  (medicine and dentistry) in Australia has gained excellent reputation across the world and is without doubt the most rigorous training program in the world.  On top of that, Australian Medical degree is recognised all over the world and is cheap tuition.

    This is because medical studies (medicine and dentistry) in Australia are based on problem-based learning, and actively integrate medical science and clinical courses to create a fantastic learning experience for both local and international students.In Fact, for the vast majority of programmes,clinical experience is part of the course work from first year.

    All medical colleges in Australia offering undergraduate and post-graduate programs are duly accredited by the Australian Medical Council and as such, all medical courses offered in Australia are top rated and recognized by reputable medical Councils.

    International students should do well  to check with their respective health ministries if medical degrees obtained from a certain Australian university will be appreciated in their respective countries.

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    Australian Medical Courses

    Undergraduate medical program

    In order to study undergraduate medicine or health science programs, most Australian universities would ask for a combination of your UMAT (Undergraduate Medical Admissions Test) score, a medical interview and  ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank – number one requirement for gaining entry into any undergraduate-entry university program) score for admission purposes. It should not be surprising if some also require specific pre-requisite subjects, such as chemistry, to be added in your final year of high-school. That said,both local and international students should exercise caution in selecting subjects that will fully satisfy these requirements.

    Graduate medical program

    Please note that medical graduate medical program (Graduate entry medicine) in Australia is a four-year course. Applicants for this program should have the following:

    • Duly completed a basic degree in science.
    • Expected to appear for the GAMSAT (Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test) or MCAT (Medical College Admission Test). These exam will duly test the extent of your knowledge of science courses.

    Graduate-entry medical programs  basically provides opportunities for thousands of graduates who have made the bold decision to commit to the medical field.

    All graduate-entry applicants are expected to have completed, or should be in the final year of a bachelor or honours degree.  Some medical schools use postgraduate qualifications in GPA (Grade Point Average) calculations.

    That said, with well over twenty medical schools in Australia, there are tons of ways that prospective local or international student can choose to become a Doctor, each of which offers a slightly different course and approach to studying and qualifying to practice medicine. So, along with your preferred entry type, the choice of university and program is personal and it is important to take time to read all the information available about each of the options.

    All the best on considering a career in medicine on Low Tuition in  Australia!

    Tuition fees in Australia

    Please note that medical tuition fees in Australia depend largely on the school and the level of study you are seeking.  University fees are typically calculated per unit of credit (UOC). Medical students are then charged based on their student status (domestic or international) and the classification of the course (undergraduate, postgraduate or research), also referred to as the course career or study level of the course.

    The good news is that Australian medical study costs are reasonably similar to that  of the UK or USA. But take into account the fact that the cost of living is cheaper,and that simply explains why Australian medical universities remain very attractive among international students.

    For example, the tuition fees for most medical undergraduate programs are pegged at  57,760 to 71,488 Australian Dollars (approximately 40.000 to 49,100Euros/year) and this may rise every year so do well to check with your university..

    Top 20 Cheapest Tuition Universities in Australia

    University of Adelaide                        MBBS 6 years Undergraduate

    Australian National University             MChD 4 years Graduate

    Bond University                                 MBBS 6 years  Undergraduate

    Deakin University                              BMBS 4 years Graduate

    Flinders University                             MD 4 years Graduate

    Griffith University                              MD 4 years Graduate

    James Cook University                       MBBS 6 years Undergraduate

    University of Melbourne                      MD 4 years Graduate

    Monash University                              MBBS 5 years Undergraduate

    Monash University                              MBBS 4 years Graduate

    University of Newcastle                       BMedSc/MD 5 years Undergraduate

    University of New England                   BMedSc/MD 5 years Undergraduate

    University of New South Wales             BMed/MD 6 years Undergraduate

    University of Notre Dame Australia       MBBS 4 years Graduate

    University of Queensland                     MD 4 years Graduate

    University of Sydney                           MD 4 years Graduate

    University of Tasmania                        MBBS 5 years Undergraduate

    University of Western Australia             MD 4 years Graduate

    University of Western Sydney               MBBS 5 years Undergraduate

    University of Wollongong                      MBBS 4 years Graduate

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