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Top 10 Affordable Colleges in the United States for International Students

    The list of the most affordable colleges for international students was planned by first looking up the US News and World Report list of the schools in the United States, with the highest percentages of international students and then computing the adjusted average tuition for each school.

    The tuition rates for each institution was calculated by subtracting each school’s average grants and scholarships from the baseline tuition. You should note that the numbers used for average aid packages only include financial aid (grants and scholarships) from the schools themselves, since federal and state aid is not specific for each school and is not provided for international students and also do not include loans. Private schools tend to be more expensive and often offer higher aid packages.

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    Therefore, the adjusted tuition rates levels the playing field for private versus public institutions. The schools on each list was consigned a number from 1 to 100 based on its place on the list. By totaling together the number of school from the list, a value score was calculated.

    Below is the list of the 10 cheapest colleges for international students.

    1. The University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign

    The University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign for international students provides lots of programs for the 13% of the international students. This includes 30-minute one-on-one advising sessions to look into the specific issues for international students. There are special orientation sessions so students can get help with immigration, employment eligibility, and visa status. The University of Illinois also offers cultural training seminars and workshops. The tuition fee is estimated at $14,750 (In-state) and $29,132 (Out-of-state)
    Average tuition minus institutional grants/scholarships: $15,414.

    1. Florida Institute of Technology, FIT

    Florida Institute of Technology is located at Melbourne, Florida, and is a great choice for international students because even though its tuition is slightly expensive, it ranks high when you take into consideration the percentage of students who are from other countries. The college has an active Internationalizing Campus Committee which offers support for the 1,000 international students on campus. FIT offers resources for financial aid to international students.

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    The tuition is $36,020, while the average tuition minus institutional grants/scholarships is $20,33

    1. Barry University

    Barry University is located in Miami, Florida. It has a lower percentage of international students compared to some other schools on this list. It is slightly cheaper than other universities. Issues concerning international students are being examined by the Office of International and Multicultural Programs. The office is responsible for helping international students transit to the United States.

    They offer a tuition of  $28,160 and an average tuition minus institutional grants/scholarships of $11,615.

    1. University of Washington

    Located in Seattle, Washington, the University introduces over 300 international students to the campus on yearly basis through exchange programs. The University has two overseas centers, the Rome Center and the Beijing Center, which helps to assist international travel for UW students. Also, there is financial aid and scholarships offered by the university for international students. The University of Washington also has lots of organizations and clubs that offers support to international community.

    The tuition fee is estimated at $12,397 (In-state) $31,971 (Out-of-state), while the average tuition minus institutional grants/scholarships is $11,834.

    1. University of Oregon

    The University of Oregon, Eugene has more than 2,500 students from more than 95 countries. The school offers different sources of financial aid, including several scholarships and work-study opportunities for international students. The school offers an American Studies Institute to help students in their transition to English classes, and there is a long list of student groups that focuses on international students.

    The tuition is estimated at $9,763 (In-state) $29,788 (Out-of-state). While the average tuition minus institutional grants/scholarships is $14,820.

    1. University of Utah

    The University of Utah, located in Salt Lake City is cheaper than most Private schools and even has a tuition that is lower than some Public schools. Utah has a campus in Asia to aid its global perspective to communication and admits students from different areas. There are over 500 student groups on campus, most of which help to make international students feel comfortable.

    The Tuition is $7,457 (In-state) $23,736 (Out-of-state). The average tuition minus institutional grants/scholarships is $9,130.

    1. University of California

    Located in Berkeley, the University of California has over 1,600 international students studying at the institution. This university is highly competitive for college students as the average GPA of international freshman is a 3.9, the average ACT score is 31, and the admission rate is less than 15%.

    The University of California has an original financial aid program, including certain departmental scholarships and graduate school assistance for eligible international students.

    The tuition is $12,864 (In-state) $35,742 (Out-of-state). It has an average tuition minus institutional grants/scholarships of $15,143

    1. University at Bufallo – SUNY

    The University at Buffalo is part of the State University of New York, with a broad global reach. It is located on the border of Canada and has large number of international programs. The university has more than 5,000 international students from 115 countries, with a large number of cultural programs, including a special week-long orientation for international students.

    The tuition is $8,211 (In-state) $20,151 (Out-of-state). The average tuition minus institutional grants/scholarships is $8,573.

    9. Binghamton University

    Binghamton University supports special academic advising for international students, and also offers a number of study abroad opportunities. This university is among the choice public universities in the country. The out-of-state tuition without scholarships for students isn’t so costly. The school has a number of exchange agreements with foreign universities and offers these students a special placement session.

    The tuition is estimated at $8,144 (In-state) $18,464 (Out-of-state). The average tuition minus institutional grants/scholarships is $11,535

    10. Stony Brook University – SUNY

    There are several cultural initiatives at Stony Brook that make international students immediately feel at home. The university offers English as a Second Language program, an Intensive English Center, International Academic Programs and Services, a Language Learning Center, and Visa and Immigration Services. Apart from the fact that the tuition for out-of-state is low, attending this school is affordable, even without grants and scholarships.

    The tuition is $7,995 (In-state) $19,935 (Out-of-state), while the average tuition minus institutional grants/scholarships is $11,638.


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