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Study Masters in the United Arabs Emirates: Tuition, Cost of Living and Visa







    The United Arab Emirates, is located in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula and extends along part of the Gulf of Oman and the southern coast of the Persian Gulf. It borders Saudi Arabia to the west and south, Qatar to the north, and Oman to the east. Note that most of the land sits barren and sandy.

    Key facts about the United Arab Emirates
    • The Dubai police in the United Arab Emirates drive in stylish cars, arresting criminals’ in Lamborghinis and Ferraris – just so they can go on top speed.
    • Did you know cash machines in Dubai dispense gold bars? 
    • There was a time,the United Arab Emirates donated laptops to every high school student, in Joplin Missouri after horrible hurricane.
    • Instead of a sewer system, Dubai utilizes trucks to haul away…sewage. Which is kinda gross.

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    What it’s like to study at a university in the United Arab Emirates

    Well if you find yourself in the UAE and, especially, in a big city like Dubai, you’ll be surrounded by a large number of nationalities, cultural groups, languages, and religions. And,outside of the classroom, you have tons of places to relax on the weekends – beaches, shopping centres, clubs, and massive skyscrapers.

    Tertiary institutions in the UAE have a high standard for academic admission. Students who are admitted are expected to possess high marks on all of their courses. So if you’re a student there, you’ll be studying with some very serious, intelligent students from all over the world.

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    Tuition cost in the United Arab Emirates

    Generally, the cost of attending universities in the UAE is quite high. But do well to look for scholarship opportunities and possibly connect with some of those wealthy billionaires the UAE has.

    The general range for Master’s degree programmes in the UAE starts from 11,000 and 28,000 EUR for the entire course. 

    Cost of living in the UAE

    Compared to other countries around the world, the UAE is quite an expensive place to live. So, do well to set aside a decent budget for yourself, so that you at least have sufficient cash to spend on when you visit their shopping malls that are the size of entire cities, or ride the world’s fastest rollercoaster, popularly known as the Rosso. That said, do well to budget 1,100- 1700 EUR/month for living expenses in UAE. 

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    • Rent for a 3-bedroom apartment near a city centre: 2,600 EUR per month
    • Monthly transportation pass (metro, train, bus): 45 EUR
    • Bread: 1 EUR
    • 3-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant: 34 EUR
    • Milk: 1.25 EUR
    • Bottle of wine: 16 EUR

    How to Apply to a Master’s in United Arab Emirates

    Once you’ve decided to study a Master’s degree at a university in United Arab Emirates, you will be required to put together the right documents to prove that you satisfy the university requirements. Provide complete personal information, previous qualifications, financial information, and a personal statement.

    What documents do I need to provide to apply in United Arab Emirates?

    For you  to apply to a university in United Arab Emirates you will likely be required to provide the documents listed below:

    • birth certificate;
    • recent photos;
    • your passport or national identity card;
    • one or more reference letters from past employers or teachers;
    • copies of past diplomas or certificates, including your graduated Bachelor’s degree;
    • academic transcripts;
    • letter of intent;
    • Curriculum Vitae;
    • Financial proof that you can take care of yourself  in the country during your studies.

    Based on the subject or specialization of your chosen Master’s, you may be asked to provide scores for additional tests such as the GRE, GMAT or LSAT. Check if your programme requires any of these, or others.

    The list of documents required depend largely on the specific requirements of universities in United Arab Emirates, so it is possible you may be required to include additional documents. It’s also possible you’ll have to provide official English translations of your documents, or translations in the local language.

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    Prove your English skills

    Since you’ll study an international degree in English, you’ll are expected to submit a language certificate. Some popular options for international students are as follows; IELTS, TOEFL or C1 Advanced language certificates. You’ll be required to satisfy a minimum language requirement determined by the university, and your test scores shouldn’t not be older than 1-2 years. If you  fail to satisfy the minimum language requirements, you will have to improve your skills and scores by undergoing an English preparation program.

    Application deadlines for United Arab Emirates

    Generally,the deadlines for applying to a Master’s in United Arab Emirates are usually during summer (June-July), or in winter (January-February). Bear  in mind that some universities do not operate fixed application deadlines, which means you can apply whenever you want to.

    Inorder to avoid lateness, please submit your required documents with plenty of time in advance.

    List of Universities

    Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile

    INSEAD – The Business School for the World

    Khalifa University

    New York University

    Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi

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