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Study in Malaysia

    International students have really found studying in Malaysia rewarding. There are lots of benefits associated with studying in Malaysia and I’m going to talk about that plus living cost and fee requirements.

    Benefits of Studying in Malaysia

    • High quality education
    • Competitive education cost
    • A wide range of study options to choose from

    Education in Malaysia is cheap and at the same time affordable! The more reason why so many international students choose to pursue their study in Malaysia. You can acquire a UK engineering degree in Malaysia through a 3+0 franchised program at an estimated USD 6,000, whereas tuition fees for the same 3 years at the host university in the UK is about $45,000 USD or 30,000 GBP.

    Cost of Living in Malaysia

    The cost of living in Malaysia is low. Your total monthly expenses for food, rent, and transportation is about $375 USD.


    You should expect between $94 to $140 per month. The rental will vary depending on the area, type of facilities provided, and the number of people sharing the space.


    Daily food expenses run about $4.2 for three meals a day, but could be cheaper if you cook and share expenses with friends.


    You may spend up to $19 per month for ironing and washing your clothes.

    Transportation – $13 per month

    Mobile phone bills – $17 per month

    Books and other stationery – 24 per month

    Medical – $16 per month

    Tuition fees for Bachelor’s degree programme

    Programme                      Tuiton fees                          programme duration

    Engineering                           $15,600-$18,700                  4 years

    Business                                 $10,300-14,000                    3 years

    IT                                             $11,000-$15,600                  3 years

    Hospitality and Tourism      $11,000-18,700                    3 years

    Pharmacy                               $31,200-$43,700                  4 years


    Tuition fees for Master of Business Administration

    Private universities        $6,560-$9,375 [1-2 years]

    Public universities          $4,060-$7,810 [1-2 years]

    Note that all the figures here are estimated and serve only as a guide.

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