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Study in Europe: A Review on Budapest Metropolitan University

    International students are currently rushing to Europe to pursue their higher studies due to the top value system European universities places on education. Europe strives to create a cultural diversity in their university system by increasing the number of international students from within the European Union and from third countries.

    International students feel welcomed in European universities because the system respect equal opportunities and is strongly against any form of discrimination. There are special focus to that European universities places on students in need be it a local or foreign student, whether it is the social situation or any form of disability.

    In this article, we shall be focusing on Budapest Metropolitan University in Europe, their admissions, programs, and what a student who wants to study in this prestigious university should expect.

    The objective of Budapest Metropolitan University

    The objective or aim of Budapest Metropolitan University is to pursue a high level of education in diverse fields including social sciences, economic studies, art and art mediation, communication and tourism in bachelor and master programmes. Also, this university offers, higher-level vocational training, specific trainings, tertiary-level vocational training and adult education.

    At this university, students are exposed to varied knowledge that is competitive in the domestic and international labour market while basing their educational method on unceasingly renewing methods that are supported by instructors.

    Budapest Metropolitan University gives every student the equal opportunity of fulfilling their personal and professional potential and career that would form a pillar they can confidently stand on after school. Suffice to say that the students are developed by the institution to become independent creative thinkers who can contribute towards progress and be relevant to the labor market demands.

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    This university takes the labor market requirements into consideration while preparing the students to meet the ever-increasing demands. The university embark on educating business and communication professionals and artists, them back them up with practical knowledge and competence to meet the demands of the domestic and international labor market during and after their studies.

    Programs at Budapest Metropolitan University

    The various programs at this university prepares students to take on a professional path in achieving their set career goals. Various programs offered includes:

    Bachelors programs

    The following Bachelor’s programs are offered in the fields of Art & Design, Business & Economics, Communication & Media and Tourism. They include:

    • Communication: Communication and Media Science (BA), International relations (BA)
    • Business: Business Administration and Management (Bsc), Commerce and Marketing (Bsc), Finance and Accounting (Bsc), and International Business Economics (Bsc)
    • Tourism: Tourism and Catering (Bsc)
    • Art: Animation, Environmental Design, Graphic Design, Media Design (all are BA degrees)
    • Photography (BA), Visual Representation (BA)

    Master’s Programs

    Master’s program are for those with Bachelor’s degree who wish to further their education in same field. This program prepares students to achieve higher skills and professionalism in their chosen career.

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    The following Master’s programs are offered at the Budapest Metropolitan University in the fields of Art & Design, Business & Economics, Communication & Media and Tourism. They include:

    • Communication: Communication and Media Studies (MA)
    • Business: Marketing (Msc), Business Development (Msc), Management and Leadership (Msc), and Masters Business Administration
    • Tourism: Tourism Management (Msc)
    • Art: Art and Design Management, Graphic Design (all are MA)

    PhD Program

    The Breuer Marcell Doctoral School of Architecture offers its services in METU since 2017. Prof. Dr. Bálint Bachmann DLA, the rector of METU, is the head of the program.

    The new cooperation agreement existing between Breuer Marcell Doctoral School of Architecture and Budapest Metropolitan University makes it possible for professors in METU to pursue their educational research work in the PTE MIK Breuer Marcell Doctorate School in architectural art and architecture sciences. This program makes it possible for METU professors to achieve their PhD degree, with a low tuition, while still teaching in METU.

    Tuition Fees for Various Programs at METU

    Bachelors Programs

    The tuition fee for Animation, Visual Representation, Graphic Design, Media Design, Photography, Environmental Design: 

    EU students:  2375 EUR/semester

    Non- EU students: 3150 EUR/semester

    The tuition fee for Business Administration and Management, Commerce and Marketing, Finance and Accounting, International Business and Economics, Tourism and Catering, Communication and Media Science, International Relations:

    EU students:  1750 EUR/semester

    Non- EU students: 2375 EUR/semester

    Master’s Program

    Tuition for Graphic Design, Art and Design Management:

    EU students:  2700 EUR/semester

    Non- EU students: 3500 EUR/semester

    The tuition fee for Communication and Media Studies, Business Development:

    EU students:  2100 EUR/semester

    Non- EU students: 3300 EUR/semester

    The tuition fee for Tourism Management, Management and Leadership, and Marketing:

    EU students:  2100 EUR/semester

    Non- EU students: 2500 EUR/semester

    The tuition for Master of Business Administration (MBA):

    EU students:  2500 EUR/semester

    Non- EU students: 3300 EUR/semester


    • The tuition fee may increase yearly according to the inflation rate
    • The citizens of the EEA member countries and the Turkish citizens are also entitled for this fee

    How to Apply

    The steps on how to apply to study in Budapest Metropolitan University includes:

    1.Choose your discipline from the preparatory, BA or MA programs.

    1. Collect your application documents. If you apply to study art & design programs, please check the portfolio requirements HERE.)
    2. Transfer an application fee of the €120. Application fee is non-refundable. You can transfer the fee to the bank account of the University.

    Bank account details:

    • Name of the bank: Takarék Kereskedelmi Bank
    • Address of the bank: 1082 Budapest, Üllői út 48.
    • Bank account holder: Budapest Metropolitan University
    • Bank account number: 18203332-06007572-59020021
    • IBAN: IBAN:    HU03 182033320600757259020021
    • SWIFT (BIC) code: FHKBHUHB

    Note: when you make any fee transfer to the university, ensure to send the sum in NET and always ask for bank transfer charges at your local bank.

    After transferring the application fee, upload or send the proof of payment through e-mail (

    Ensure you write your name, email address, and address. Also, ensure you type your passport number in the space indicated phone number

    4.  Start an application by going to or click the “apply now” button.

    1. Application submission and online interview. After submitting your online application, you will be contacted soonest for an online interview. The online interview, which lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes, is to assess your command of English. This is one reason why submitting a language exam certificate is not a requirement for getting the admission. Some questions your interviewers can ask you relate to your previous studies, motivations, future plans, and others. The Maths skills of students applying for business or tourism may also be tested. So get prepared.


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