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Study in Estonia

    Estonia is a very warm and cozy country to study in. Estonia has a rich cultural heritage and is unarguably one of the world’s fastest growing economies with rapid advancement in technology. The country got its independence in 1991 after been ruled at diffent times by Sweden, Russia, Germany and Denmark for several years.


    Please note that Universities in Estonia have different tuition fees depending on the course an applicant has in mind to study. Note that graduate and postgraduate programs may be more costly depending on the course to be studied as well as the University chosen. Specialty Courses such as medicine, law and some social sciences are slightly more costly. Tuition fees for students from non-European Union and European Union will vastly differ with non-European union students paying more.



    Applicants hoping to obtain a bachelor degree should note the following:

    *Have finished their secondary or its equivalent

    *Applicants should be qualified for higher education in their country

    *Other qualifications may be needed for admission by higher institutions in Estonia

    Graduate students

    Applicants hoping to obtain a master’s degree must have obtained a bachelor’s degree

    Applicants hoping to obtain a PhD must have obtained a master’s degree


    The government of Estonia offers some scholarships for bachelor degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree. These scholarships are granted to University students, lecturers and researchers who are studying and doing research at public universities and institutions.

    There are other scholarships offered by Estonian Universities like the Doctoral studies and international program for master students, doctoral students and teaching staff members who are already studying and working or hoping to achieve this at an Estonian institution.

    The deadline for the program grants is May 31 2015


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