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Study Free in Germany: Application process for undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies

    germany 1Germany offers free education to EU, non EU and International students. The stumbling block concerning such a great opportunity is that especially at undergraduate level courses are taught in German. For students who wish to study in Germany, they should visit the German embassy or consulate office in their home country and register for language classes to be able to understand the German language.


    Show evidence you have passed the school entrance examination, assuming it is needed in your country

    School leaving certificate

    High school diploma, A levels

                                              REQUIREMENTS FOR POSTGRADUATE

    A bachelor’s degree that is well known in Germany

    It is important for students to get in touch with Universities as various Universities have different requirements for entry level.

    A student visa will be needed to study in Germany. A visa can be obtained from German embassy in your home country, citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland as well as citizens of EU countries do not require a visa to study in Germany.


    Documents that show evidence of a strong financial base, these include

    Bank guaranty

    Evidence of parent’s assets and income

    Security on a blocked account

    A letter from a sponsor who resides in Germany

    Visa application forms that can be obtained from the embassy in your home country

    Students must show evidence that they can support themselves, about 8000 Euros is required per year. Students should get in touch with the embassy in their home country on how evidence of financial stability should be provided.

                                                                        HOW TO APPLY

    Applications are done online directly to the Universities

                                                       TOP UNIVERSITIES IN GERMANY

    • Free university of Berlin
    • Hamburg media school
    • International university, Bremen
    • Media university of Luebeck
    • University of Augsburg
    • University of Bamberg
    • University of Bremen
    • University of Essen
    • University of Gottingen
    • Aachen university of  Technology
    • Brandenberg Technical university of Cottbus
    • Cologne Bussiness school
    • Dortmund university
    • Duisburg Technical university
    • European management school, Leipzig
    • European management school, Mainz

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