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Marmara University, Turkey: Tuition Fees, Cost Of Living and Application Period

    Image result for Marmara universityMarmara University is a public school located in Faith district, Istanbul, Turkey. It is one of the oldest in Turkey and was established on the 16th of January, 1883. It was first named HamidiyeTicaretMekteb-i Alisi and was also affiliated with the Agriculture Forestry and Mining industry. The school got affiliated with the Education ministry on the 21st of September, 1889 and then in 1893, it was closed down with the idea that it will be reformed and reopened. However, it was reopened on the 15th of October, 1897 still affiliated with the Education Ministry and it has been providing education till now. The university was known as Istanbul Economic and Commercial Sciences in 1959, and later officially became known as Marmara University in 1982. Education began at the school in the 1982/1983 academic year with 9 faculties, 1 institute, and 1 school.

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    Marmara is the only multilingual university in Turkey because they use more than one language as their media of instruction. The faculty of Administrative Science and Economics provides education in English, French, Arabic, Turkish and German. Their faculty of medicine and engineering also learn in English and Turkish. They have made a huge success in the areas of Law, Arts and Medicine and still trying their best to enhance the quality of education.  For the past 124 years, they have been the leading Tertiary institution in Turkey and are fulfilling the requirements of today’s education system.

    The institution has 2839 faculty members and they are 237 lecturers, 172 instructors, 987 research assistants, 78 specialists, 558professors, 569 assistant professors, 234 associate professors, 1 education planner, 1354 administrative personnel, and 3 translators. They also have up to 500 members who are teaching in other higher institutions. Marmara has a total of 57,000 students of which 7,406 are graduates while 44,661 are undergraduates. They also have 1,354 international students from 73 different countries and 54% of their population is female. The school has a total of 199 associate and degree courses.

    Since when they started till now, they have grown rapidly providing training and research in vocational school, institutes, faculties, and also school. Additionally, they have also developed in social science giving huge importance to consultancy projects. They have made a contribution to their country’s manpower and technology. There has been representation both home and abroad about their approach to providing solutions to political, economic and cultural problems.

    Tuition fees

    Marmara University provides admission for both local and foreign students. Their Bachelor program for foreigners is $5000 per year and for citizens is $1000 every year. A master program for international students is also $5000 yearly and $2500 every year. The cost of living in Turkey as a student of Marmara is approximately between $382 and $764 every month.

    The faculties they have are Faculty of Education, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Arts & Science, Fine Arts, Law, Divinity, Engineering, Communication, Medicine, Health Education, Technical Education, and Economics & Administrative Science. They also have 4 years programs in vocational courses and these are the school of Banking & Insurance, School of Nursing, Vocational School of Health, School of Foreign Languages, and school of Physical Education & Sports. Their two-year programs are Vocational school of divinity, school of social science, school of health-related professions and school of technical studies. They also have an  E-school for students.

    Their graduate schools are;

    • Institute of Fine Arts
    • Institute of Neurological Sciences
    • Institute of Technology Research
    • Institute of Mid-Eastern Studies
    • Institute of Educational Sciences
    • Institute of Gastroenterology Science
    • European Union Institute
    • Institute of Medical Studies
    • Institute of Banking and Insurance
    • Institute for Graduate Studies in Pure and Applied Sciences
    • Institute of Social Sciences

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    Mamara University was ranked by Times Higher Education with 801-1000 band worldwide. They were also ranked by ARWU with 901- 1000, Leiden with 851, RUR with 648, and USNWR with 875. They were also ranked with 1001+ by The World University with overall score of 10.7 – 22.1, teaching of 21.3, Research of 8.9, citations of 19.4, Industry income about 34.6, and international outlook equals to 22.29.

    Application deadline

    In 2019, the application into the school started on the 21st of May 2019 and ended on the 14th of May 2019. The exam entry document also began on the 1st of July and ended after 13 days. The exam date was immediately and the results were announced on the 22nd of July. The examination, program and placement result process followed until the 22nd of August. The registration of candidates started on the 2nd of September and ended on the 6th. On the 11th of the same month, alternate candidates were also registered until the 13th.

    The admission process for 2020 has not started yet but it might also be the same as last year. People who want to apply to take notice and prepare towards it.

    Admission requirements

    There are lots of ways to get admission as a local student but for foreigners, their GAT, SAT and GRE scores will be taken into consideration.

    Before anyone can apply for masters, the applicant must have a bachelor’s and before applying for a PhD program, you must have masters. To apply for a conditional MSC of PhD, the applicant must be in the final semester of the required program.  It is also important that your current certificate must be in the same degree you intend to further. Otherwise, the candidate will be entitled to a preparation program which will be determined by the institute’s Department and Executive Board. When registering, you must present your document of the former diplomas and a candidate can only apply for one thesis program and two non-thesis MSC programs at the same time

    Applicants will have to write exams and also sit for interviews which will be announced on the school’s official website. Those who will be invited for interviews are mostly determined by a jury on the basis of their ALES score, GPA and exams score. After writing exams, the grades and GPA will be evaluated and the lists will be announced. You can check here to see the scores that are accepted for various disciplines at Marmara.

    When applying to Marmara, some of the documents to take into consideration are Academic documents, Online application form, IELTS certificate, TOEFL certificate, Passport, Contact No., Email Id, Proof of payment, Family details, Letters of recommendation, Application fee, Resume/CV, Visa, Motivation letter, and Diploma evaluation.

    University of Marmara Alumni’s

    The public figures that have finished from this great school are

    • RecepTayyipErdogan who graduated from the Economics & Administrative department and is the Turkish president.
    • Nihat Ergun has been the minister of the industry since 2009.
    • NesrinNas, a politician, and leader of the Motherland party.
    • Yasar a musician and singer.
    • Benzu who is also a musician.
    • AyselOzakan a Turkish-British writer.
    • Yildo who is a retired footballer.
    • Mustafa Sarigul, he was a former member of the parliament in turkey and has being a mayor of Istanbul since 1999.
    • EdibeSozen, a academician, politician, Professor and Dr.


    That is all there is to know if you decide to apply into Marmara university for any program. This school has been running for the past 124 years and is one of the top institutions in Turkey

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