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Low tuition University in Canada: Université Sainte-Anne ($8540)

    sainteThere are several low tuition universities in Canada for international students interested in pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Canada. In this post, we will be analyzing the application process, admission requirements and application deadline of Université Sainte-Anne.

    Step 1

    Once you have decided on the study program that interests you, please check  the university’s website for entrance requirements and deadlines.

    Step 2

    • Next, download and complete out the admission form for international students. Also
    • submit your application form along with your Grade 12 transcript, your Baccalaureate diploma (in French or in English and authenticated), a cheque or money order for CAN $50 to cover the costs associated with opening the file and reviewing your application, proof of age (translated into French or English and authenticated) and a résumé

    NOTE: The Francophonie Scholarship is automatically applied to the tuition fee for all international students. This scholarship allows students to pay the same tuition fee as a Canadian student.


    You will then receive a message confirming your eligibility by e-mail.

    Enclosed will be several important documents, such as the accommodation request form and the residence agreement.

    Step 3

    After undergoing the second step, also submit a request for on-campus housing by completing and submitting theaccommodation request form and the residence agreement.

    Step 4

    For international students hoping to obtain advance confirmation,please  pay an advance fee of $90 for the tuition costs and an advance fee of $115 for the residence costs.


    The advance confirmation is credited to the student and will reduce by the same amount the fees that he or she will have to pay at the time of enrolment.

    Now that you’ve completed the aforementioned steps, may now apply for your student visa.

    Application Deadline

    Please check with the institution as they have varying deadlines

    Tuition Fees



    For more info, please visit here:


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