Low Tuition Universities in South Africa: Cost of Living, List of Universities and Tuition Fees

sa 1Do you want to experience life in the most diverse and complex countries in the world? If yes, then choose South Africa. Since the apartheid regime ended in the 1990s, South Africa has made remarkable progress in developing a more democratic country, in which diversity has played  a major role in its national identity. There are well over  eleven official languages in south Africa.   The country is  popularly nicknamed the “rainbow nation”   symbolizing its unique multicultural and racial attributes . As much as South Africa is fast developing, there are still numerous problems to be addressed in the country; Issues like  high rates of violent crime, rape, poverty and HIV infection.

Cost of Study
The cost of study in south Africa is very cost cheap compared to most Europeans. The average costs of living is about of R 8,000 or 980 USD per month. This amount can cater for  accommodation, food, bills, and travel. This relatively low cost means international students would spend much less during their studies in South Africa than they would have in most developed countries.

List of Top Universities
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
North-West University
Rhodes University
Stellenbosch University
University of Cape Town
University of Fort Hare

Tuition Fees
Tuition fees in South Africa is quite low when compared with tuitions fees of most developed countries. The standard of education in South Africa is high class but at very low fees of about $1030 per academic year.