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List of Free Tuition Countries in Europe for Undergraduate Programs





    With a population of roughly eight hundred million people, Europe has within its ambiance fifty sovereign countries with six of them recognized as globally powerful countries having massive powers and their languages spoken across the world by millions of people;that is French, English, Ukraine, Dutch, Italian, German, Russian etc. The region is also  divided into seven geographic regions. Europe is renowned for being a continent where some of the renowned cultures and civilizations in the world sprung from.European countries have high academic environment and educational programs that bring students from all around the world to study there at various prestigious institutions. Infact, education in these European countries are really highly rated and appreciated, as a result some of the countries in Europe have taken it upon themselves to ensure that their students study on free tuition with little stress. below are some of the countries in Europe that offer free education for undergraduate such as Norway, Finland. Denmark, Germany, France, Australia, Hungary, Poland etc.


    The educational system of the Norwegian citizens is managed by the Norwegian Universities and College Admission Service, there are tons of institutions for higher learning in Norway, sixteen of them are reputable private colleges, eight of them are universities, and twenty of them are state run university colleges. Universities in Norway provide standard educational courses with several other value-added services to their international and national students who travel down there to study every year as their government ensure that their students tuition fee are being taken care of through the money realized from those who pay tax, although students from European countries enjoy these services alot more than students from non European countries. As tuition fee is free, you will still be required to pay for accommodation and cost of living as these may be relatively high especially for non-European students. Infact Norway is globally known as one of the most expensive countries in the world.


    Sweden was one of the countries that offered free education to all students across the world not minding their nationality, but in the 2010, the story changed, their Parliament effected a law that made it compulsory for international students from non European countries to  pay both tuition and application fees. When that happened, a lot of scholarship schemes came alive for students. So for students from the non-European countries, their tuition fee for an academic year from eight thousand three hundred to twenty thousand eight hundred euro with other additional charges for accommodation and cost of living.


    Germany is another country among the European countries that offer free tuition to undergraduate students not minding their nationality. They treat European students and non-European students alike. Germany has been one of the most selected countries among the European countries at study destination by international students, though they charge administrative semester fee of about five hundred euro which covers transportation ticket and the cost of living there is not really high.


    Denmark is another top European country that offers free education to their students from European and non-European countries, and their top two universities are the University of Kiel and the University of Copenhagen. But recently, non-European students are now expected to pay tuition fees which goes from six thousand euro to sixteen thousand euro per academic year depending on the course and the years of study.


    With their best universities being the University of Turku and the University of Helsinki, Finland has been the study destination of many international students for a long time due to their free education provision for both European and non European students. But in the year 2017, those value-added services was brought to an end for non European students especially for courses taught with the English language. Though students from European countries are still enjoying the free educational services, the non European students are to pay tuition fee ranging from five thousand to twenty thousand euro per academic year and also for their accommodation and cost of living.


    Greece is a civilized country in Europe, their universities charge no tuition fees from their European students, but their non-European students are expected to pay, but this is relatively low as if it is being compared and contrasted from that charged by other universities in the world. With a low cost of living and accommodation, Universities in Greece charge about one thousand five hundred euro from their non-European students for each academic year.

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    France is an advanced country with world-class educational programs that attract students from all around the world as their language of instruction is English. Not minding their expenditures, Universities in France offer free educational programs and services to every student including those from European countries and those from non-European countries, but they charge a must pay a registration fee which is less than five hundred euro.


    Poland is globally known as one of the affordable countries in Europe as regards accommodation and cost of living. Universities in Poland charge no tuition fee from their European students, but their non-European students are a one-time one thousand five hundred euro per academic year.


    Scotland is another European country that has been super welcoming to  local and international students from around in the world. As part of the United Kingdom, Scottish Universities are free tuition for those undergoing undergraduate programs from Scotland and for non-British European Union students-this is taken care of by the group known as the Student Awards Agency Scotland. Students who hail from countries that do not belong to the European Union countries will be asked to pay a fee for registration and tuition.


    Slovenia quite frankly is not among the list of top rated study abroad destinations for international students.On the bright side, Slovenian universities offer free educational services and programs to all European students, but students who do not hail from countries under the European Union; are expected to pay a tuition fee of about five thousand euro for one academic year.

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