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List of 7 Cheapest Universities in Egypt for International Students

    Known as the land of the many pyramids, Egypt is known for its ancient wonders and magnificent buildings. Built as tombs of the pharaohs, the giant Egyptian pyramids are a thing of incredibly wonder and amazement for million of tourists. Even though it is a fascinating place to go if you are a tourist, the tuition fees of Egypt are quite high for international students.

    Be sure to check your tuition fees before you apply, because most Egyptian universities charge high tuition fees for foreign students.

    Top Ranked Universities in Egypt for International Students

    The American University of Cairo (AUC)

    Located in the centre of Egypt, the American University of Cairo delivers their courses in English, and they are an American-accredited institution. If you secure a degree from AUC,  Universities in the United States of America will accept your degree since it is accredited Globally. Established in 1919, AUC is one of the top ranked universities in Egypt due to its accreditation both in America and in Egypt.

    Mansoura University

    As the name suggests, Mansoura University is situated in the center of the Nile River delta in a big city called Mansoura. Established in 1962, Mansoura University was founded to teach students in medicine and nursing. Because of its unique location, it was formerly called the East Delta University, prior to being renamed later to what it is now in 1973.

    German University in Cairo (GUC)

    Sponsored by the German government, German University in Cairo is an Egyptian privately run University that was founded by the strategic collaboration between the Education Department of Germany and Egypt. Managed by a host of Egyptians and Germans, GUC continues to strengthen the cooperation between Germany and Egypt by their education system. Majority of their programs involve exchanging students between these two countries, and many students have used this opportunity to master the working environment of both countries.

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    Benha University (BUE)

    Also called the British University in Egypt, Benha University is similar in many ways to AUC and the GUC. Instead of delivering degrees accredited by the US or Germany, their degrees are accredited by the United Kingdom and Egypt. Since many countries have more influences over Egypt, they wanted to maintain that influence by giving out their education system to other countries.

    The Arab Academy for Sciences, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT)

    With one of the longest names among modern universities, the Arab Academy was founded to teach Maritime Transport not only to students in Egypt but also for students coming from Arab countries. Backed by the United Nations, AASTMT was set up in Alexandria to offer majors in maritime transports to the people in the Arab nations.

    Modern Sciences and Arts Academy (MSA)

    Accredited by the British, the Modern Sciences and Arts Academy is the first University that  received accreditation from the United Kingdom. Getting your degrees at MSA has equal standards as the famous British universities of art. Surrounded by a beautiful landscape and state of the art facilities and technology, studying at MSA is indeed more fun for international students.

    Misr University for Science and Technology (MIU)

    With established connections with American and European universities worldwide, MIU offers many courses and programs that combine the Egyptian system with the Western system. Established in 1996, Misr University for Science and Technology offers top rated education and opportunities not only for locals but also for international students globally.

    Conclusion: Combining Two Worlds Of Educational Systems

    Since majority of the colleges were established when other countries were in control of Egypt, they have left many Schools that still hold that influence. United States, Germany and the Great Britain were few of the many partnerships these colleges have, and studying in these colleges offers variety of opportunities for international students.

    I hope this has been useful information, check out more low tuition or cheapest Universities using the search bar.

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