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How To Study In Technical University Of Damstadt, Germany – Tuition Free

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    Technical University of  Darmstadt is one of the most recognized technical institutes in Germany. The University is well known for its  research and teaching in the Engineering disciplines such Mechanical , Electrical  and Civil Engineering.

    Technical University of Darmstadt is a public university and it was founded in 1877. Today, the university has over 13 departments, offering 113 degree programs in 5 fields of study.  Let’s consider 5 reasons why you should study in this unique university.

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    1. Studying in Germany Affords You the Opportunity To Broaden your horizon

    Many universities believe that schooling is nothing more than providing teachers and  materials for students to learn from. But that’s not with the Technical University of Darmstadt. The Technical University of Darmstadt, provides excellent avenues which students can challenge themselves and push their personal development to the next level. Technical University of Darmstadt trains students to cultivate invaluable skills as; confidence, independence and willingness to take on more challenges.

    1. Technical University of Darmstadt Uses English To Teach

    Language is usually a barrier when considering studying abroad. Well, Technical University of Darmstadt  breaks that barrier. 70% of courses in Technical University of Darmstadt are taught in English especially at master’s level. This makes it easier for native English speakers and others who can speak and understand English language to cope just fine, while schooling in Technical University of Darmstadt.

    1. Technical University of Darmstadt is Located in a Safe and Beautiful Enviroment:

    For one thing, Germany is both the safest country in Europe and the safest country in the world! Germany is also famous for its large areas of natural beauty, providing a lot of opportunities for relaxing after a long day or a weekend break from your studies.

    1. Safe Your Money While Studying in Technical University of Darmstadt

    The cost of living Germany, is quite low compared to other European countries.

    As a student, on an average, you may need about 800 euros per month to cover your living expenses. That is around $920 US dollars.

    The tuition fee in Technical University of Darmstadt : This university is tuition free for all students including international students. However, students will be expected to pay a semester contribution of about $300 and $600 in total.

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    For Undergraduate Program: $600 per year

    For Post- graduate program: $600 per year.

    1. Opportunities for Graduates

    After graduation, international students have the opportunity of applying an for an 18-month residence permit while they look for a job. If you ask me, 18 months is more than enough to hunt for your dream job in Germany, as there are lot of job opportunities!


    – Günter Behnisch -a professor of Architectural/Building Design at TU Darmstadt. He was the architect who designed the Olympic Park for the 1972 Munich Games.

    – The notable Ottmar Georg Edenhofer. He is one of the world’s leading experts on climate change policy, environmental and energy policy, and energy economics.

    – Sabine Brunswicker – She is a Full Professor for Digital Innovation at Purdue University, West Lafayette, United States, and also the Founder and Director of Research Center for Open Digital Innovation

    The list goes on and on. Technical University of Darmstadt is truly, a center of excellence.

    Programs Available at Technical University of Darmstadt are:





    Technical University of Darmstadt is recognized as one of the top 30 best universities in Germany by several independent academic rankings.

    According to surveys, Technical University of Darmstadt has high quality standards of instructors.

    QS World University Ranking: 253

    THE University Rankings: Technical University of Darmstadt falls within the range of 251-300


    Data Science







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     Requirements for Student Visa/Residence Permit:

    To get Visa from non-European Union countries, an international student would need to apply for a student visa at Technical University of Darmstadt.

    Here are some requirements to obtain a student Visa:

    Valid passport

    Passport size photos

    University entrance qualification recognized by Germany (A-Levels or equivalent to it)

    Proof of previous academic performance and proof of financial resources

    Letter of admission from the Technical University of  Darmstadt

    No Application Fee!

    N/B : Application should be done online.

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