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How to Study in low tuition universities in France

    fraFrance is a well visited European country that is well known for its high quality of life. It is also one of the founding members of the European Union and a member of the Schengen Agreement. There are also some very good low tuition universities in France. While the official language of instruction/communication is French-French private universities still teach in English and deliver one of the most coveted educational programs for international students coming in from Europe and other parts of the world. It might interest you to know that almost 250000 international students have chosen to study in France over the last decade. That’s near 12% of all the student body in France.

    Tuition fees at public universities in France

    • For bachelor’s degree programs the tuition fee is EUR 188.10 per year. While Engineering degrees incur a tuition fee of EUR 611.10 per academic year, while medicine related studies have different tuition fees depending on the program. For example, the average tuition fees for doctor of medicine amount to EUR 452 per year.
    • For master’s programs, the tuition fee is EUR 259.10 per year
    • For PhD degree programs – Doctorat): EUR 393.10 per year

    Tuition fees at private universities in France

    Usually, the tuition fees in private universities would vary depending on the program and the institution, the average tuition fee private universities in France would amount to EUR 1500 – 6000 per year. Business schools usually charge a tuition fee of . EUR 4500 EUR to EUR 7000 per year.

    Application deadlines for studies at universities in France

    If you are interested in studying in France, please initiate your application process sometime in January.

    Undergraduate studies

    Please note that international students desiring to study (undergraduate) degrees at universities and institutes of technology in France, you must hold a French baccalauréat or equivalent and have passed the university’s entrance exam in their home country. In addition, if you are applying for a study program at an institute of technology, you should be ready to undertake a personal interview.

    Master’s studies

    If you are applying for a master’s program at university in France, you must be in possession of a relevant/authentic bachelor’s or equivalent degree diploma.

    How to apply for admissions

    The application process for studies at French institutions varies depending on the type of school you will be applying to as well as your country of residence.

    International students who do not have European citizenship will be required to apply through the French embassy in their country or wherever they are residing.

    Students from the countries in the list below:

    • Algeria
    • Argentina
    • Benin
    • Brazil
    • Cameroon
    • Canada
    • Chile
    • China
    • Colombia
    • Congo (Brazzaville)
    • Côte d’Ivoire
    • Gabon
    • Guinea
    • India
    • Japan
    • Lebanon
    • Madagascar
    • Mali
    • Morocco
    • Mauritius
    • Mexico
    • Russia
    • Senegal
    • South Korea
    • Syria
    • Taiwan
    • Tunisia
    • Turkey
    • United States
    • Vietnam

    However, students from the above listed countries must apply online using this form

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