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How Long Does it Take to Get a Student Visa

    Studying abroad is no doubt one of the most exciting experiences in a student’s life. There are loads of things you can learn by traveling to and living in a foreign country. There’s so much to see around the world, and the opportunity to see new perspectives and see new territories is a huge incentive for international students. Thus, there are tons of questions that come with traveling the world, and it’s not so easy  to avoid getting overwhelmed with the many paperwork and planning involved in the process. Thankfully, our team is here to give you an overall idea on required documentation so that you can spend time on putting your house inorder and have a good time while we take care of these difficult stuff.Based on your destination country,you may not need a student visa may or it may not be necessary for you to travel abroad with one with the intent of going through a college or university program. If you intend to visit a country that asks for a visa, please note that a student visa varies from other visa types, such as tourist or business visas, since student visas afford you the  permission to study in the host country whereas no other type of visa will allow you.

    Note that the cost and amount of time it will take to approve and send the visa your way will depend largely on the destination country as well as the agency or facility you worked with. We have a certified visa supper team that helps with visa services. Please note that expedited visa services will incur a higher fee, but afford you the opportunity  to get your visa much sooner, which is a good thing especially if you’ve found yourself in urgent need of a visa.The truth is that you can get a visa within a few days or a week based on your needs or preference, alternatively you may have to wait for 60 days. Do well to talk to a travel agent about your needs and preferences so that they can evaluate your options with you. Our team has all it takes to provide you with the best service possible so that you will have no issues at all!

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    Meaning of a visa

    A visa is basically a valid  travel document that grants you federal permission to enter, stay within, and/or leave a specific country or territory within a certain period. Many a times, they  take the form of a stamp, sticker, or printed record. As is the case, most visas typically indicate and limit the dates of a person’s stay, reason for visiting, whether or not the person should work or study during their stay, how many entries they’ve been granted, and which lands or regions they may enter. Student visas on the other hand give high school or college students the permission to study in a foreign country for a designated time frame. Some countries may typically ask for separate formal permission before allowing international students to enter, so visas will not always guarantee entry. Note that Immigration officers have the legal right to revoke your visa at any time upon review of your circumstances, including your financial situation plus reason for visiting.

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    Do I need a passport in order to obtain my visa?

    The answer is yes. You will  need a passport in order to carry your visa.Generally, passport books are booklets with 28 pages, and 17 of those pages are eligible to carry visas. You may ask for a passport book with 52 pages at no additional  cost when you apply for a new passport. Please note that passport cards, which are in many ways are a comfortable passport option for those traveling exclusively by land and/or sea, should not be used to apply for visas. You are expected to apply for a passport book instead, which will be valid for ten years – although your visa validity will vary based on your needs and preferences and your destination rules and regulations. On the other hand, first-time passport applicants should submit their applications at a passport acceptance facility for a start.

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