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Cyprus Scholarship for International Students

    Cyprus is the third largest country in the area after Sicily and Sardinia. Cyprus boasts of more than 88,000 university students cutting across different countries, who are enrolled in 16 major universities in North Cyprus. Thousands of international students choose to study in Cyprus yearly due to the high quality of education which is offered at affordable tuition fees.

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    Cyprus scholarships are available for international student’s including all undergraduates, masters, and PhD and transfer student programs. The range of the scholarships offered is from 25% to 100% depending on the selected degree program and the specific courses or fields you are pursuing. The Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus ministry of national education is awarding international students scholarship based on their academic performance.

    International students who wish to study abroad in North Cyprus with a partial international student’s scholarship should follow these simple steps below:

    • Carefully study the admission requirements to know the various documents required for the various available degree programs.
    • Fill in the online application form of your choice university in North Cyprus and submit.
    • Go through articles provided on the school’s web sites to better understand the course after the submission.

    Cyprus Scholarships for African Students

    Most international students from African countries normally encounter financial difficulties in paying their tuition and other living expenses. Some even find it hard to complete their application, secure their admission, get a visa, and locating the right universities. Cyprus universities offer scholarships to international students from some African countries including Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

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    Cyprus Scholarship for Nigerian students

    The University of Nicosia is the largest independent institution of higher learning in North Cyprus that offers scholarship to Nigerian students. The university places much emphasis on long lasting learning skill and critical thinking, at diverse range of programs at various academic levels. This best equips scholars for leadership roles in economic sectors and the society at large.  The university also offers various scholarships and financial aid to Nigerian students studying in Cyprus. These aid may be in form of merit scholarships, athletic scholarships, and on-campus work-study programs. These scholarships and financial aid are for MBA and undergraduates.

    Cyprus scholarships for Zimbabwean students

    The Cyprus scholarships for Zimbabwean students awarded by near east university for qualified students ranges from 50% – 100%. Interested Zimbabwean students are expected to excel in a scholarship examination by NEU, to qualify for this scholarship. This exam is written twice in a year.

    Cyprus Scholarship for Asian Students

    North Cypus universities also offers scholarships to Japanese, Chinese, and other Asian students. The Japanese-Chinese-Asian scholarships site is recommended for students who wish to apply for 50% – 100% scholarships in North Cyprus universities.

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    Cyprus scholarships is offered by the University of Warwick to Pakistanis and other Asian students located in central Asia. The University of Warwick has assigned over 33 million pounds of scholarship funding to post graduate students during the 2015 -2016 academic year. Also, the university plan on allocating over 250 scholarships across all their subjects for, both local and international students, through funds from their doctoral training center, departments and central university.

    Application Conditions

    To be qualified to apply for Cyprus scholarships, students must have accepted to study in an undergraduate or graduate program in a university. Applications must be submitted at the beginning of each semester which falls in September and in February.

    Necessary documents that should be submitted are:

    • A filled and signed Application form
    • 2 photographs
    • Copy of the passport
    • Transcripts of academic records
    • Student certificate for undergraduate students
    • Photocopies of degrees or diplomas for Graduate students
    • These documents should be officially certified translation of those diplomas or degrees which are not in Turkish or in English
    • Transcripts of academic records

    Bottom Line

    The cost of living and studying in Cyprus is quite affordable, a main reason why international students storm this country that has a unique study environment and other features. The scholarships and financial aid offered by Cyprus universities help international students with their tuition fees. If you are looking to study at world-class standard universities that offers cheap but quality education, Cyprus is your best choice.

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