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Colorado State University Scholarships for Undergraduates and Graduates

    The Colorado State University (CSU) is an education and research for the whole state of Colorado. CSU, established in 1870, is situated in the neighborhood of Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest Park in Fort Collins city. It first started as Colorado Agricultural College and attained the status of university in 1958. CSU is currently a public research university having eight colleges and fifty departments. It offers more than 150 degrees to undergraduate, graduate and doctorate level students. The university has more than 2000 highly trained faculty members. The objective of the university is to provide high quality academic and research opportunities to the students.

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    CSU is home of more than 2000 local and international students from over 90 nations of the world. CSU is a top destinations of international students who wish to get a degree from the United States. International students also enjoy scholarships and financial aid programs offered by Colorado State University.

    Colorado State University Scholarships (Undergraduate)

    1. Honors Scholarship

    This Colorado State University scholarship is made strictly for international first-year students who are offered admission by the university. This scholarship is not available to online students. The student must be enrolled in one of the undergraduate programs at Colorado State University. The students are chosen on the basis of their academic excellence and participation in Honors Program of CSU. The qualified students are given an annual scholarship of $1,000 which is renewable for the next four years.

    2. Willian J. and Jean J. Griswold Scholarship

    This scholarship is available for the current international undergraduate students at Colorado State University who have completed at least two semesters at the university. The students are expected to have a minimum CGPA of 3.0 or above to be qualified for this scholarship. The class of students mostly preferred for this scholarship are those doing college level courses in foreign language or history. This scholarship offers two $1,000 to the students every year.

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    3. OAS Scholarship

    Organization of Associated States (OAS) offers Colorado State University scholarships to the international undergraduates at CSU. However, students must be a resident of OSU member states other than the US to qualify for this scholarship. The scholarship is renewable for next four years.

    4. Admission Based Scholarships

    International students who submit an admission at Colorado State University are awarded this scholarship. Students who get admission at CSU are considered for these scholarships. The criteria used in picking eligible students for the scholarship are those who score high in their SAT or ACT or GPA in high school. The award amount ranges from $2000 to $8000 yearly, depending on the student’s academic record.

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    Colorado State University Scholarships (Graduate)

    1. Colorado State University Scholarships

    The Colorado State University provides scholarships to the graduate students who reside in APEC member countries, through its APEC program. Note that only full-time students enrolled on campus programs are eligible for this award. The chosen students are awarded an annual amount of $12,000 to cover half of their tuition fee at CSU.

    1. OAS Scholarships

    OAS scholarships are made available for international graduate students who are residents of one of the Organization of Associated States (OAS) member states other than the United States. These scholarships at Colorado State are only awarded to students who are financially incapable of sponsoring their education.

    1. Graduate Assistantship Program

    The Colorado State University offers a number of opportunities to its graduate students. International graduate students from any country are also qualified for this program. The Colorado State University provides a considerable amount of money as a stipend to the graduate assistants in its graduate assistantship program as a way of paying them for their services for the university. This stipend is liable to the income tax deduction.

    The graduate assistants are selected based on their academic performance and involvement in affairs of the university. The students must be registered in one of the on-campus graduate programs of the university and have a minimum GPA of 3.0 to apply for an assistantship.

    The graduate assistants are expected to do full time or part-time job once they are selected. The duties usually require an input of about 20 to 25 hours weekly.

    The appointed student is expected to continue serving as a graduate assistant as long as he performs the duties assigned to him or her adequately, while still maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or above. The assistantship may be terminated if he fails to keep this condition.


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