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A Review Of Cyprus University Of Technology, Cyprus

    The University of Cyprus is one amongst the three state universities in Cyprus. By law, it was founded in 2003, and currently located in the center of Limassol, which is the second largest city in Cyprus. Although Cyprus university of technology (CUT) was established in 2003, its admission took place years after and welcomed the first set of students in 2007. As at today, Cyprus university has now developed so well to be recognized amongst the modern universities of the world, not only that, it has also been internationally recognized as providing higher education for research purposes and has contributed positively to the economy.

    The CUT offers admissions into six key and interesting faculties, which includes; the faculty of geotechnical sciences and environmental management, faculty of management and economics, faculty of communication and media studies, faculty of Health science, faculty of fine and applied arts, faculty of engineering and Technology and one language center.

    Global Ranking

    According to the ranking web of universities, Cyprus University of technology is the 2nd best in the country and was initially in position 1791 in the world but has moved to position 254 in the world. It has also recorded impact rank of 554, openness rank of 1138 and excellence rank of 1462 which are quite impressive contributions compared to universities in Cyprus and in the world at large.

    Admission requirement.

    Admission into the Cyprus University of technology is offered to students based on different categories, which is based on the student’s qualification and educational objectives. This admission is grouped into the undergraduate program, postgraduate/master’s program and doctoral program.

    Undergraduate requirements:

    Generally, an applicant for this program is must have graduated from a recognized high school and should provide the high school leaving certificate or its equivalence. Then based on the faculties chosen by the applicant, other additional requirements are to be added as seen relevant to the field of choice. Note that applicant here is accepted twice. Other requirements include: birth certificate and passports (to be applied where necessary)

    Masters admission

    For admission into the master’s program, the applicants satisfy English requirements, if they were actually taught in English, else, a TOEFL score of 550 paper-based or 213 computer-based, they will provide their “O” level (high school certificate from recognized institute) with minimum of “C”, and certificate of graduate program (from recognized university also, if not CUT) or a transcript to show that the bachelor degree will be issued upon commencement of the master’s program. Note also that certification from staffs such as faculty officer or any will not be accepted.

    Doctoral study requirement.

    Applicants for this program must provide a BSc, MSc, BA, MA degree from a recognized university with at least four years of research in the field of interest. And should have excellent knowledge of English language (both spoken and written). And must also score a good percent in their academic standings, which is to be evaluated by the school down to various departments.

    Admission for international students

    International students must have to submit a high school certificate from and recognized high school or intermediate certificate or its equivalent. This to show that he or she has satisfactorily graduated from secondary school and must have other important documents such as transcripts or detailed mark sheets.

    Language requirements

    Applicants whom English is their second language are required to sit or take the English proficiency exam or should provide documents demonstrating their English proficiency level.

    Any student admitted into the school who can demonstrate proficiency is considered adequate and will be passed directly to start his or program in the school.

    Other basic requirements

    all students must produce documents such as the transcript, cv passport and other relevant materials required by the school upon application into the online portal, as related to their choice of program.

    Interested students in studying at the Cyprus University of technology will be nominated by RGU. After which nominated students can then apply.

    Fresh/new graduates from high school spend their first year in the English class program, so as to develop and prepare them for the school studies conducted in the medium of English.

    Students who in a hold of an associate degree from a recognized institution can apply as a transfer student so as to join a bachelor program in the university.

    Citizens of Cyprus are required to sit for the entrance examination, which also involves the application for admission into the school.

    Certificate to be presented from recognized high school includes; General certificates of secondary education(GCSE) higher secondary school, upper secondary school, testimonial, secondary education certificate, SAT, WAEC, WASSCE, NECO.

    Tuition fee

    In total, the university has six faculties, and the tuition fees break down are shown in details below.

    Geotechnical Sciences and Environmental Management 5,900 19,540
    Management and Economics 5,750 23,876
    Communication and Media studies 7,400 20,998
    Health Science 13,210 29,999
    Fine and Applied Arts 8,650 22,098
    Engineering and Technology and One Language Center 15,321 33,000

    Duration of admission

    For applicants who seek admission for the November- December term, the application deadline is October 29th.

    For those seeking for application for the January- march term, t the application deadline is 30th December.

    All deadlines might be extended or truncated anytime, based on the faculty concern.

    Cost of Living On Campus

    Food (Groceries) Price (EUR)
    Normal lunch-hour menu £15
    Milk 1 liter £ 2.1
    Coca-Cola 3 liters £ 3.25
    Bread and butter £2.9
    Plantains £1.8
    Beef and chicken £4.2
    Oranges £1.2
    Accommodation (housing/utilities) Price (EUR)
    60m2 furnished apartment 3(month rent) £1,800
    30m2 furnished apartment 3(month rent) £900
    General Utilities £200
    Yearly internet £500
    Transportation Price (EUR)
    Ticket for monthly public transportation £50
    Taxi (10km) £35.5

    May I inform you that Cyprus university of technology is a very demand institute by applicants due to the fact that it offers education and high level of research which helps students to develop and explore many fields in life and also make them ready for all corner opportunities in life. By so doing, all students are termed fit and expert in any area they find themselves.

    them ready for all corner opportunities in life. By so doing, all students are termed fit and expect in any area they find themselves.


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