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2019 List of Low Tuition Universities in Canada with Cheapest MBA Program

    Many people chose to study in Canada because of the numerous benefits associated with studying and living in Canada. One of the benefits is that some universities and colleges have very cheap and affordable programs compared to countries like UK and Australia. The MBA is not left out. We all know how expensive it is to study MBA in some countries. Today, I have decided to select universities in Canada with cheap MBA. In order words, the tuition fees charged by these universities for Mba program are lower than what other universities or countries charge.

    Applying for admission into these universities is quite easy and straight forward. All you need do is check their requirements on the university website and if you are qualified, start online application and ensure that you submit all relevant documents. After submitting your application, the university admissions department will contact you and inform you about the status of your application.

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    Please find below a list of universities in Canada with very affordable or cheap tuition for MBA.

    University Tuition Fees per year
    Memorial University of Newfoundland $4,400
    Université du Québec à Montréal $8,186
    Université de Moncton $9,810
    Université de Sherbrooke $11,000
    Université Laval $11,550
    Royal Military College $13,900
    HEC Montréal $15,300
    Concordia University $16,000
    Saint Mary’s University $16,340
    Carleton University $16,720
    University of Northern British Columbia $3, 604
    University of Manitoba $4,456
    University of Newbrunswick $12,000
    Lake Head University $12,000 to $17,000
    Laval University $11,000
    Sherbrook University $17,000
    Cape Breton University $19,000
    Waterloo University $2,800
    Dalhousie University $39,500


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