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List of 15+ Cheapest Universities for International Students

    Majority of international students are often in need of financial aid, and, in order to cover that need, some universities have decided to lower their tuition costs. The cheapest universities for international students around the world will cover those universities who have lower tuition and those who also have great scholarships schemes for international students.

    Some of the universities offer lower tuition just because of their geographic location, and some can have a lower tuition because they are able to offer a great education to international students. Let’s highlight below all the universities in the world that offer low tuition education.

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    1. Technical University of Munich (TUM)

    • This University is one of the cheapest universities for foreign students, and it is also ranked as one of the top universities in the world. Even though it has a well-established reputation, Technical University of Munich still offers free tuition even for international students.
    • Since all students in Germany receives free tuition, this link proves that tuition is indeed free, and the cost that you need to pay is just about $200 for the whole semester!
    1. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
    • Also located in Germany, LMU is a top ranked university at both national and international levels. Offering over 200 programs and courses, LMU offers free tuition to its local and international students.
    • This link will provide you with the relevant costs, but you do not have to pay the tuition. You just need to purchase a semester ticket, and you are good to go!


    1. Brandon University

    • Even though Canada does not offer free tuition to its students, the tuition fee for Brandon University is one of the most cheapest in the country. The tuition fee is under $10,000, but the cost may vary depending on the number of classes that you are taking, and which meal plan and living plan that you select.
    • As one of the cheapest universities for international students, Brandon University also has some of the best nature and sightseeing opportunities in Canada.

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    1. Canadian Mennonite University  (CMU)
    • Offering a Christianity based education, CMU also offers low tuition for their great education. The tuition fee for an average international student is about $10,000 for per semester, but you can also receive scholarships that can cover this fee and other necessities.
    • This link will lead you to the site where you can check out your cost, based on the number of programs and which plans that you could take. It is quite similar to Brandon University, but CMU lists all the specific costs in the link above.

    United Kingdom

    1. Royal Agricultural University
    • Located in the United Kingdom, Royal Agricultural University is one of the most leading universities in their fields of science and research. Popular for its agricultural greatness, this University offers a excellent education, and a low tuition compared to similar universities in England.
    • The tuition fee for the international student is about $12,000.
    1. Bucks New University
    • This is one of the cheapest universities for international students, as Bucks New University offers similar tuition fees as Royal Agricultural University, but it offers peculiar courses in aviation and courses for police officers. Offering a great nursing course, Bucks New University also offers music management courses.
    • The tuition fees in the United Kingdom are more expensive than many study abroad destinations or countries, so do your research before selecting a university.

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    United States

    1. University of Central Arkansas
    • Having a small student to faculty ratio, University of Central Arkansas is another of the cheapest universities offering low tuition to international students. The tuition rate on average for an international student is about $9,000.
    1. De Anza College
    • Known as the stepping stone college, De Anza College is the top-transfer college to popular four-year universities. It offers a low tuition rate of $8,500, but the living costs are not included.
    • As one of the cheapest universities for international students, De Anza’s tuition fee is available on this link.


    1. Oslo University

    • Like Germany, Norway also offers free tuition to students, regardless of country of origin. International students can receive an education from famous universities at no charge. Oslo University is one of the top universities in Norway, and it is recognized for delivering great education.
    • This tuition-free information is available on this link.
    1. Norwegian University of Science and Technology  (NTNU)
    • As one of the largest universities in Norway, NTNU focuses its research mainly on science and technology. As shown in the name, NTNU is popular for its science and technology research, and it covers various  majors.
    • NTNU is one of the cheapest universities for foreign students, and the tuition-free information is available on this link.


    1. University of Oulu

    • Also ranked among the top universities in Finland and globally, the University of Oulu is known for its science and technology. Although it does not offer free tuition like Norway, University of Oulu offers an affordable tuition rate of $12,000.
    1. University of Turku
    • Offering variety of master’s programs, the University of Turku offers many great programs in science, nursing, and law.
    • The tuition fees for international students depends on your major, and if you want more information, please visit this link.

    South Korea

    1. Pusan National University

    • Funded by the government, Pusan National University offers many courses such as Engineering, medicine, law, and all sorts of majors and programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
    • It offers incredibly low tuition under $4,000 per semester.
    1. Kangwon National University
    • Also another top university in South Korea, Kangwon National University offers low tuition to international students since the university is financed by the government. Offering additional programs such as medicine and IT and veterinary, the KNU is a superb place to study.
    • It also offers a low tuition fees available at this link.


    1. Osaka University
    • Offering truly advanced research opportunities, Osaka University is known by its graduates, who have gone on to earned Nobel prizes for their works. Their research facilities and capabilities are even furthered by their premier research laboratory, and Osaka University is renowned for its research-oriented campus.
    • Offering a low tuition rate under $5,000, it is indeed one the most affordable colleges in Japan.
    1. Kyushu University
    • Kyushu University has shown a growth rate of international students in recent years, and it continues to grow as a lot more international students are attracted to this famous university. Offering a variety of courses, the graduate school of Kyushu University offers many venues for their students to go post graduation.
    • Offering a low tuition fee of under $5,000, Kyushu University requires a similar amount of tuition fee as Osaka University.


    1. Jiangsu University
    • Being one of the top universities in Asia, JSU is one university in China offering low tuition to international students. For an average international student, you have to pay a tuition fee of less than $4,000. Remember that tuition cost differs between majors, so take that into account before applying for admission.
    • This is the tuition link, and you check out some more information about your tuition and fees to JSU.
    1.  Peking University
    • Being another top university in Asia, Peking University is also recognized as one of the top research-based universities in China. Known for its modern facilities and outstanding faculties, Peking University has produced many renowned scientists, who continue to impact world positively
    • Peking University has the largest school library in Asia, and it is a popular destination for many scientists and chemists. Peking University offers low tuition fees for its international students, and the information about tuition can be accessed in this link


    We know that this is a limited list of low or cheapest tuition universities around the world, there are many more, and I will continue  to useful information to help international students. Check back again for more contents! Thanks, and have great educational adventure!

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