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2019 Guidelines on how to win a Scholarship

    Winning a scholarship for your college studies can go a long way in easing the financial burden you might face in acquiring the degree you so much desire. With so many scholarship opportunities for various disciplines, age groups and nationalities and few students winning these scholarships, many wonder what they might have to do to be on the winning side.

    With so many applicants for each scholarship opportunity there is the need to make your application stand out and be different from the rest. The goal for everyone applying for any scholarship is the same and that’s to win the scholarship. ‎

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    In winning the scholarship, certain guidelines ought to be followed and certain standards and key points ought to be reached and maintained. These guidelines are there to make your application standout and put you on the platform of winning the scholarship. We have highlighted below the guidelines that have ensured so many students turn from scholarship applicants to winners‎


    It is very important to know the deadlines of scholarships and their requirements beforehand. Some scholarships programs require application 6 months in advance, so there is the need to know the deadline before hand and prepare adequately.

    Preparing on time gives you the extra advantage to procure certain documents that would be needed for the scholarship application that would take time to obtain. Some of the documents can take up to 3 to 6months to procure. So, starting on time helps. Make sure you are well informed about the scholarship deadlines and dates.


    Apply for scholarships with requirements that are lenient. Do not rely on just one scholarship program, but increase your chances of winning a scholarship by applying for as many scholarships programs you can.  

    Applying for multiple scholarships programs increases your chances of securing one on the long run. The way it works is that if you win one, you increase your chances of winning another one. Start by going after less competitive and challenging scholarship programs like essay competitions and small scholarship awards. This will boost your confidence when applying for the bigger ones.

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    In as much as you are applying for all scholarships, ensure you are eligible to apply each and everyone one of them. Go through the eligibility requirements thoroughly. Some scholarships are tailored made for specific programs and discipline, nationalities and age limits. Your application will be null and void if you are not eligible.


    Adherence to application instructions would be of great benefit to you. The scholarship application and application instruction should be read thoroughly. Having knowledge of the questions and instructions before you start the application will enable you know how best to respond to the various parts of the application.


    Most scholarships are sponsored by organizations and bodies that have specific goals and objectives. Your scholarship application should be tailored made to fit in with the sponsors interest and objectives.


    Most scholarship programs require the attachment of a written easy along with the application. Your essay needs to stand out and speak to the committee making the selection. The essay should be passionate, detailed and should speak about your abilities explicitly. Personalization as well as details on impact you’ve made in specific areas should also be included. Your essay should also be tailored to the sponsors interest and objectives. Your essay should be clear, concise and original.


    Maintain absolute clarity in your applications and essay, when answering questions in the application, stick to the amount of words and pages required of each question and section. Your language should be one that can easily be read and understood. Proof-read and re-read your application for errors and mistake before submission.


    An important part of any scholarship application is the letter of recommendation. Get letters of recommendation from persons who know your peculiar skills and unique abilities as well as the goals and targets you’ve attained in certain areas and the impact you’ve made. Get your recommendation letters early and not at the last minute. Also ensure those that are recommending you are people who know you very well and what you have done as well as the scholarship program and not just popular persons that have no idea about you.


    Turning yourself from a scholarship applicant to a scholarship winner is something that can easily achieve. If you follow the guidelines listed above, you will be better positioned for securing a scholarship. The guidelines provided have been tested and proven and applying them will assist you in your quest of winning a scholarship. ‎

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