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Why the United Kingdom is the best study abroad destination

    Despite its gruesome immigration policies and tough economy to find opportunities where students can excel and find a decent career path after graduation United Kingdom is still the best place to study. This claim might come as a surprise because an army of students have now declined the opportunity to secure an admission in some of the top institutions of the country.

    This is largely because of the tough immigration policies imposed in the light to curb immigrants from entering into the British land and finding long term settlement eventually killing the opportunities for locals as the economy struggles to create enough jobs and chances to survive. Europe as a whole is going through complicated economic conditions and this is why it has become really impossible for the government to provide any such opportunity. Today’s guest post is going to talk about four reasons why United Kingdom is still the best place to study abroad.

    Pioneer in higher education

    Since the world war the British land has seen some of the most finest and standard setting institutions that have a global recognition. The names of Oxford and Cambridge universities which are not just institutions, but a part of British culture now, this is what makes Britain the land of foreign education and a pioneer in higher education. In the modern world, institutions like Bath and St Andrews are some of the finest places to visit, study and get a globally recognized degree. This is what is good about this country. There is a never ending list of higher education institutions for you. If you think you financially cannot afford such universities then there are amazing scholarship programs to help you out. For students it is a land which is full of education and knowledge.

    The British culture

    The British culture and people are some of the most sophisticated ones to know and experience. It is culture which is not only loved and an attraction globally, but it is also the type of culture where you can enjoy a lot of in-depth history of modern society and capitalism. This is what makes this culture so interesting and to become part of it is a great opportunity. As a student, you get the chance to experience every bit of that culture. You get to speak the English language in its true form from the land where it first originated.

    Opportunities to learn

    There might be fewer opportunities where you can find a long term settlement, but this doesn’t mean you will not an opportunity to learn something like an internship, a practical course or a training program. There are vast opportunities for people who wish to learn both within the institution and outside.

    Educational programs

    From arts to science and research, English universities and institutions will provide you with the best possible degree programs in all fields and academic paths. This means you have access to all kinds of courses you aspire to specialize in and complete. The availability of these courses makes it a land full of learning.

    Author Bio

    Christiana Antiga is the author of this blog post. Christiana is a US citizen who migrated to the United Kingdom as a senior professor in Science five years ago. She likes to use her spare time blogging on educational topics for the website do my homework for me – follow her on : Twitter | Facebook | G+


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