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What Is University Of Toronto Acceptance Rate?

    Image result for university of toronto Are you looking for the acceptance rate of University of Toronto? If yes, then you are at the right place as we are about to show you the acceptance rate of University of Toronto, Canada. As a student it’s important that you know the acceptance rate of universities so you can tell the ones that have competitive and less competitive admission rates. In today’s article we will only focus on the acceptance rate of University of Toronto, Canada. But before we do that, we will like to tell you a little about University of Toronto, admission requirements, cost of living etc.

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    University of Toronto

    The University of Toronto also referred to as U of T is a public research university situated in Ontario, Canada. The university was founded in 1827 by Royal Charter as King’s College. The University has been known for influential movements and curricular in communication theory and literary critism. U of T offers over 700 undergraduate and 200 graduate programs in the fields of Architecture, Medicine, Sciences, Engineering, Arts, Management etc.

    Cost of living in University of Toronto

    Cost of living refers to the amount an individual needs to cater for his or her living expenses. As a student its very important that you plan for your living expenses before you travel out for your studies. The cost of living in Toronto for 1 academic year ( 8 months) is put at $8000 to $12,000. This amount will cover expenses like feeding, clothing, accommodation, transportation, buying of books etc. Here’s the breakdown:

    Accommodation: $800 to $1500

    Food: $1604 – $3700

    Clothing: $900 – $1100

    Local transportation: $980 ($122.45 per month)

    Books, supplies and instruments: $1000 – $2000+

    Miscellaneous: $1000 – $2000

    So from the breakdown above you can see that the cost of living in Toronto is quite affordable. Please note that the figures above are estimations and depends on the lifestyle of a student and the city he or she resides in.

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    Tuition fees in University of Toronto

    Tuition fees in University of Toronto is a bit high compared to other universities in Canada. For undergraduate and postgraduate study programs international students are expected to pay between $45,000 to $57,000 per year. This is just the tuition fees and doesn’t include living expenses. Please note that all the figures we have used in this article are in Canadian dollars and NOT United States Dollars.

    Now that we have seen how much a student needs for living expenses and tuition fees in University of Toronto, let’s try to answer some of the questions asked by applicants about University of Toronto.

    What GPA is required to study medicine in University of Toronto?

    For you to qualify for medicine into University of Toronto, you must have a minimum GPA of 3.6/4.0 on the Ontario Medical School Application Service scale. Please note that, possession of the minimum GPA requirement doesn’t guaranty acceptance into the university. A minimum GPA of 3.8 is considered competitive.

    Is University of Toronto a good school?

    Of course, University of Toronto is a good school with lots of study programes indifferent fields. But it is not the best university for every student. Some students do very well with all the opportunities they will have in University of Toronto and in downtown Toronto.

    Can I get admission into University of Toronto?

    Well, its not so easy to get admission into University of Toronto. Just like Imperial College London, University of Toronto is known for its ridiculously tough and competitive admission and also has a bad reputation for low GPAs. As a matter of fact, the lowest grade that a University of Toronto student receives is a C minus.

    Where is University of Toronto’s main campus?

    U of T main campus is the st. George campus which is right down town Toronto. It has most courses since it’s the main campus.

    What is the SAT score requirement for University of Toronto?

    U of T requires a minimum SAT scores of 600(Reasoning) and 640(Redesigned) in each SAT component and at least 26 in the ACT with a score of at least 8 in Writing. Some programs require higher scores. SAT, AP and ACT scores should be presented to the university electronically.

    Is University of Toronto an Ivy League University?

    University of Toronto is a top school and ranks among the best public universities in North America. However, the admission process isn’t as difficult as Ivy league schools.

    What is University of Toronto ranking in the world?

    According to the 2020 QS World University Ranking and Times Higher education University rankings, University of Toronto is ranked number 1 in Canada and number 29 in the world as can be seen on the table below:

    University 2020 QS World University Ranking 2019 Times Higher Education World University Ranking
    University of Saskatchewan 439 (16) 401 – 500 (17–18)
    Université de Sherbrooke 651 – 700 (22–24) 600 – 800 (22–26)
    Simon Fraser University 314 (13) 251 – 300 (11–14)
    University of Toronto 29 (1) 21 (1)

    Let’s now look at the acceptance rate of University of Toronto.

    University of Toronto acceptance rate

    The University of Toronto has an acceptance rate of 43% which is high compared to other universities. This means that 4 out of every 10 applicants actually get admitted into the university.

    We hope our article was helpful to you and we were able to answer some of your questions. If you still have any question you will like us to answer kindly use the comment box below. Do not forget to share this article with your friends who might need this information.



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