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What is University of California Los Angeles Acceptance Rate?




    The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is a popular research institution located in Los Angeles, California. It was set up sometime in 1919 as part of the University of California system. Although it is new comparatively,this institution has grown to become a proper institution of higher learning and focuses mainly on providing opportunities for growth, innovation, and discovery for local and international students.If you did not know, UCLA has powerful associations with tons of figures who have attained great heights in the fields of politics, scientific research, and business. That said, there are thousands of students that want to attend this university and as such the acceptance rate at UCLA is low.

    The UCLA campus is found in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles and borders popular places such as Beverly Hills and Bel Air. Though not officially, it is divided into two areas; the North Campus keeps stock of the core facilities of the university and the departments of arts, law, business, social sciences, etc. While the South Campus houses life sciences, physical sciences and the healthcare & medicine departments plus the UCLA Medical Centre.

    Per academic structure, the university is made up of 10 undergraduate colleges such as that of Letters & Science and the Henry Samueli School of Engineering & Applied Sciences. The institution equally runs  9 graduate and professional schools including the School of Law and the David Geffen School of Medicine. Put together, this institution does more than 330 degree programs for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

    UCLA has a student enrolment of over 45,000 students. Approximately 15% of the student population consists of international students who come from over 100 different countries. These students have passed the competitive UCLA acceptance rate, so you know that they are world-class. The university ensures that its students receive a fantastic collegiate experience through the provision of several facilities and opportunities. The Student Government manages over 800 different student organizations in addition to athletics clubs. UCLA also has over 70 different Greek fraternities and sororities which caters to around 4,000 undergraduate students. Traditions that the university follows include the official charity UniCamp (a week-long summer camp for disadvantaged children), the True Bruin freshers welcome and the ‘Midnight Yell’ during exam season.

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    This institution has had a massive economic impact on Los Angeles. To provide context, the UCLA Medical Centre has provided a wealth of employment opportunities with its many hospitals. The UCLA medical system is really popular for being one of the top rated hospitals for healthcare provision in the United States. Among the central research discoveries that were made at UCLA, the first use of positron emission tomography for scanning the brain was an innovative advance in medical research.

    UCLA alumni have attained prominence in numerous fields ranging from politics and science to business and entertainment. Among the alumni, 7 were declared Nobel Laureates including Randy Schekman (Nobel Prize in Physiology & Medicine) and Richard Heck (Chemistry). Alumni who have reached high positions in political roles include Ben Cayetano  (US Governor of Hawaii), Judy Chu (US Representative and Congresswoman) and Kirsten Gillibrand (US Senator for New York). Other famous alumni include Laurence Fink (CEO of BlackRock), Game developers Michael Morhaime and Allen Adham (Blizzard Entertainment), Vint Cerf (Vice President of Google), actors Ben Stiller and James Franco as well as the band members of Maroon 5 and Linkin Park.

    What is the Acceptance Rate at UCLA?

    UCLA is globally renowned for its academics,and is held in high esteem in other countries, especially China, Japan, and Korea. As a result, it is very competitive to get into this school. Per estimations, the acceptance rate at UCLA is 18% and even lower for incoming international students. What this means is that out of 100 applicants, roughly 18 will be accepted. That said, it is only the best of the applicants that get accepted and eventually attend.

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