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What is Quinnipiac University Acceptance Rate?





    Based in Hamden, Connecticut, Quinnipiac University is one of several U.S. tertiary institutions with ups and downs in their history. Quinnipiac was founded sometime in 1929 as Connecticut College of Commerce before being renamed to Junior College of Commerce in 1935. Some eight years latter, the college was shut down after a huge chunk of its student body participated in the Second World War. Nevertheless, the university reopened its doors two years later and admitted nearly a thousand students in its first academic year. Starting in 1951, the institution started offering bachelor’s degrees, and it’s eventual growth led to a final name-change after which it took up its current name. If you would like to be part of Quinnipiac University,do well to read on and find out more about its acceptance rate and admission procedures.

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    The student population at the university is more than 10,000 with more than 70% of the students made up of undergraduates. Female students constitutite more than 60% of the students enrolled in different programs. Quinnipiac also does online learning for most of its courses. At the moment, about 10% of the students are exclusively distance learners, while 800 are enrolled in online programs. Out-state students make up gt 74% of the student population. It is interesting to note that for every 16 students, there is one faculty member to teach them. In the same vein, only 37% of these teachers are full-time employees, which in a way affects some of their academic programs. However, its on-time graduation rate,of  74%, is higher than most universities in the USA.

    When the total is put together, there are some 54 undergraduate degrees offered within 21 fields of study at the university (44 majors). Interestingly, In 2017 well more than 1,600 students graduated with some of these degrees. The school’s number one-ranked program is the nursing program while Health Professions is the most popular course. In Connecticut, Quinnipiac is ranked as the 7th best among 21 colleges in the state. According to College Factual stats, the university is 869th nationally per academic value. Keep reading in order to discover the current acceptance rate at Quinnipiac University. Knowledge of this will enhance your chances of successfully applying for a seat at Quinnipiac University.

    This institution has more than 100 student-run clubs and organizations focused solely on different courses, so be rest assured you will not miss one that suits your interests. The school is equally active in sports with its men and women athletics teams playing nationally in NCAA Division 1. Per housing, more than 75% of the students live on campus while the rest live in rented apartments or with their families.

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    What is Quinnipiac’s Acceptance Rate?

    The university operates an acceptance rate of 72%, which means 72 students are selected from every group of 100 applicants. As such, you can expect moderate competition in the admission process, and one can only be accepted if they satisfy stipulated requirements. Like most U.S. universities, you will be expected to submit high school results slip and ACT or SAT scores.

    Most of their applicants in the last admission cycle averaged a GPA of between 3.5 – 3.74 points. Based on recent statistics, successful applicants averaged SAT results of about 1190 points or between 22-27 in terms of ACT. In addition to these requirements, one will also have to pay a nonrefundable application fee, which may vary over time.

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