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What is Marist College Acceptance Rate?





    Marist College was established sometime in 1905. The Marist Brothers spent years founding institutions across the world, focused mainly on higher education. This college was one of such institutions, and built with the aim of educating members of their group for roles as academic educators. Eventually, this private college opened up its doors and was officially recognized by the state in 1929 as the institution increased its majors. Ever since, the number of programs at the college have widened from a narrow focus only on liberal arts to other programs, including science programs.This article will examine the acceptance rate at Marist College.

    Presently, Marist College has tons of schools that stretch from Liberal Arts to Computer Science and Mathematics, thus exemplifying the amazing variety of options at this institution. The institution does 47 programs at the undergraduate level. By housing only over 6,000 students, one of the main goals at Marist College is to offer personalized attention via small-sized classes. By so doing, the interaction between the students and the faculty is richly enhanced. Critical thinking and learning how to communicate properly are two of the core principles promoted by the college.

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    This institution is considered one of the top ten colleges in the northern region of the United States. Furthermore, according to The Princeton Review, it is one of the best 384 colleges in the country. Additionally, Marist College has made an active effort in achieving further diversity, and in the last 10 years, they have increased the diversity of its students over 50%.

    This institution has numerous programs for study abroad adventures. About 50% of the students go on a semester abroad adventure. This affords them the opportunity to get a more complete education, and they have the chance to immerse and learn from other cultures while living unique life experiences. What further helps this is the fact that Marist College runs two campuses. One is located in Poughkeepsie, New York, and the other one is in Florence, Italy. You can take advantage of this opportunity by applying and getting accepted. The acceptance rate at Marist College is 42%.

    Students at Marist College are encouraged to get involved with their community. The spirit of the college is to give back, and students are a constant part of it. Therefore, they’re often involved in volunteering and community service at a regional, national, and international level. This helps the students to get a better-rounded vision of the world that surrounds them.

    Marist College offers numerous activities for students outside of the classroom. With 23 teams for different sports, they have a wide variety of athletic activities available. From basketball to swimming and including football, there are many options. Furthermore, the college has over 80 clubs, with special emphasis in artistic endeavors such as theater.

    What is the Acceptance Rate at Marist College?

    The acceptance rate at Marist College is approximately 42%. What this means is that less than half of the applicants are accepted. This college upheld a policy that established the introduction of ACT scores as optional. High school GPA is a must, and students accepted averaged recalculated ranges that went from 88 to 93. Do note that approximately 83% of students that are accepted into one of their colleges graduate from a program. This is more than the average in the United States. 

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