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Want to Study in Georgia? Check Out These 7 Cheap Universities

    In today’s article we shall be looking at top 7 cheap tuition universities in Georgia for international students. If you have been looking for countries to study and pay less for tuition fees then think of studying in Georgia. Let’s find out more about their low tuition universities.

    Georgia is a country located in the Caucasus region, which is different from the Georgia in U.S. It has a population of 3.7 million habitants, whose hospitality has converted this little country into a haven for international students across the globe. Georgians are known for being exceptionally friendly with visitors.

    Georgia was part of the Soviet Union until its independence in 1991. Visa liberalization is being obtained by this country from the Schengen Area in 2017 and it is part of the Erasmus programs. The National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (NCEQE) is responsible for promoting international cooperation in education. The body formed the Study in Georgia program to attract international students from all nations of the world.

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    The Georgian government are bent on attracting international students, such that they created special programs to actualize this goal.

    Universities in Georgia offer:

    • Bachelor degrees (between 180 and 240 credits or three to four years)
    • Master degrees (120 credits or two years)
    • Doctorate degrees (180 credits or three years)

    Also available are longer programs like medicine which necessitate between 300 and 360 credits to attain the degree.

    The Admission Process at Georgian Universities

    To be given admission by the Georgian university, Local students have to pass the Unified National Examinations. However for international students, all they need to do is to submit the required documents. For further enquiries, you can contact the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia (MES) and the NCEQE.

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    The Language of Instruction at Georgian Universities

    The official language in Georgia is Georgian, a language spoken by the bulk of the population with even its own writing system. Georgian is the primary language used at universities.

    However, this shouldn’t be an issue for international students because there are many programs available that are taught in English.

    Russian is also a language spoken in Georgia, since it was part of the Soviet Union. There are a few programs available in Russian too, so it will help to learn a bit of Russia.

    Living Costs in Georgia

    The official currency in Georgia is the Georgian Lari (GEL). 100 GEL is around 35 USD. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment in the capital city for 300 USD per month. The amount is lesser in other parts of the country.

    You can budget 10 USD for transportation on monthly basis and about 100 USD for food. A meal at a local restaurant costs about 5 USD.

    Tuition Fees of Georgian Universities

    There are public and private universities in Georgia which charge affordable annual tuition fees. Tuition fee for domestic students or programs in Georgian usually go from 1,000 USD to 3,000 USD.

    For foreign students, programs in English are a bit costly. Prices ranges from 2,500 USD to 5,000 USD.

    Cheap Universities in Georgia

    1. Georgian Technical University

    The cheapest on the list of highly affordable universities in Georgia is the Georgian Technical University, located in the capital city, Tbilisi. Initially, this university began as a faculty of the Tbilisi State University (TSU).  It became independent in 1928 and was formally recognized as a university in 1990.

    Faculties in this institution include:

    • Chemical technology and metallurgy
    • Mining and geology
    • Informatics and control systems
    • Civil engineering
    • Architecture
    • Transportation and machine-building
    • Urban planning and design
    • Power engineering
    • Telecommunications
    • Social and humanities

    This university is the most important in the technical field which has refined 60% of scientists and engineers of the country of late.

    About 23,000 students are given admission on yearly basis, and it has nine campuses throughout the city.

    To get more detail on their application process, go to their international student’ section. All documents must be translated into Georgian.

    Tuition fees:

    • English programs are 9,000 GEL (around 3,100 USD);
    • Russian programs are 3,500 GEL (around 1,200 USD)
    • Georgian programs are 2,250 GEL (around 800 USD)
    1. Shota Rustaveli Theater and Georgia State Film University (TAFU)

    The Shota Rustaveli Theater and Georgia State Film University (TAFU) is a public university that focuses on performing and visual arts. It was created in 1923 and has brought together specialists from the whole Caucasus region.

    There are three faculties of media, and management, art sciences, film and television; and drama.

    There are two academic buildings of the university in the capital city of Tbilisi. It has a museum, a theatre, a publishing house, a library, a film studio, and a training center.

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    You can obtain bachelor degree programs in are management, mass communication, art history and theory, cultural tourism, acting, film, theatre director, audiovisual director, and different performing arts specializations. They also offer different master and doctorate programs.

    For more information on admissions, contact the university staff.

    1. Shota Rustaveli State University

    This state university was founded 80 years ago, and is located in Batumi. It has nine faculties of education, law, humanities, business and economics, social and political sciences, physic, mathematics and computer sciences, natural sciences and healthcare, technology, and tourism.

    They offer 28 master degree programs, 15 doctorate degree programs, and three research institutes.

    Tuition fees are 2,250 GEL (around 800 USD) for bachelor degree programs.

    To know more about the admission procedures and document requirements, click here.

    1. Tbilisi State Medical University

    Tbilisi State University was formerly a faculty of TSU, founded 100 years ago. Now it is the biggest and most central healthcare university in Georgia.

    It has 10,000 students with 25% of them are international students. The university has five clinics for academic teaching, practices, and rotations.

    It has seven faculties of public health, physical medicine and rehabilitation, nursing, pharmacy, stomatology, medicine, and a second medicine faculty which is worldwide. They all offer bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees.

    The university is the founder of Eastern European Medical Association, affiliated with more than 120 universities around the globe.

    They offer programs in Georgian, English, and Russian. There a few offered in French.

    Annual tuition fees ranges from 3,000 USD to 13,000 USD. You can visit their admissions section to learn how to apply.

    1. International Black Sea University

    The International Black Sea University was founded in 1995, with the goal of fostering social and economic development in the country.

    It has five faculties of social sciences, education and humanities, computer technology and engineering, business management, and law. They have 24 bachelor programs and over 2,000 national and international students receive education yearly. Also, the university offers 12 master programs and 4 doctorate programs.

    Programs are offered in English and Georgian. Tuition fees for international students are of 3,000 USD. Get more information on how to apply here.

    1. Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

    The Tbilisi State Academy of Arts is also an affordable university for students who are interested in arts. There are many programs in all the areas of design and architecture.

    This university has four faculties of fine arts, design, media arts, visual arts, architecture, and restoration, art history, and theory. They also have a museum with 618 paintings, a big exhibition hall, and a tapestry museum.

    Some of the programs offered include environmental design drawing, sculpture, civil architecture, interior design, graphic design, digital media, photography, painting, etc. They also offer preparatory courses.

    Interested students will need to take a test in artistic skills before they can be admitted. This last test is not necessary for the rest of the faculties.

    Tuition fees for both bachelor and master degrees are 2,250 GEL (around 800 USD).

    1. Caucasus University

    Caucasus University was originally founded in 1998 as the Caucasus School of Business. It became a private university in 2004.

    This low-cost Georgian university has eight schools of law, media, business, governance, technology, social sciences, health care, and tourism. The university has an architecture workshop, court hall, a media studio, a start-up lab, an online radio, and lots of other modern facilities.

    The School of Business offers double master degrees and joint degrees (bachelor and masters) in affiliation with universities abroad, such as Georgia State University (in the U.S.), Robinson College of Business (the U.S.), and the Grenoble Graduate School of Business (France).

    For international students, the annual tuition fees are of 5,000 USD for all the bachelor programs available in English. For more information, visit the international students’ section.

    We hope the information provided on this article about cheap tuition universities in Georgia was helpful. You can share it by using the sharing button below so others can also benefit

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