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Victorian Government Nurse Practitioner Scholarships in Australia

    victoriaAbout Scholarship: The Department of Health, Victoria Australia every year
    awards scholarship to Victorian Registered Nurses (RNs) who wish to pursue a
    Master’s degree program (or other appropriate units/ modules at master’s level).
    Applications are now being accepted for the 2015 academic year and the
    scholarship would lead to an endorsement as a Nurse Practitioner. The NP
    scholarship is administered by the Nursing & Midwifery Workforce (NMW) in
    line with its Victorian Nurse Practitioner Project (VNPP). Scholarship is awarded
    by Department of Health, State Government of Victoria, Australia

    Brief Description of Scholarship: The scholarship is awarded only to Victorian
    registered nurses to start and complete their master’s program leading to an
    endorsement as a Nurse Practitioner, (or other appropriate units/modules at
    master’s (level). Applicants with only 2 semesters remaining will be awarded
    $3,000. Past awardees of the department’s postgraduate nursing scholarships or NP
    scholarships of $3,500 (or less) stands to be awarded $3,000 this time.
    Field of study: To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants are to belong to
    specific disciplines or inter-disciplinary clinical courses considered under the
    NMBA Pathway 2 program such as Master of Rural Health.
    Level of Study: Scholarship shall cover for studies at Masters (or other appropriate
    units/modules at master’s level) level leading to endorsement as a Nurse
    Practitioner (NP).

    Eligibility: To qualify for the scholarship, applicants are to meet the following
     Eligible services: Registered nurses engaged at the following under-listed services are eligible to apply for NP scholarships:
     All public hospitals, metropolitan health services and multipurpose services identified in schedules 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the Health Services Act 1998.
     Victorian public residential aged care services
     Community health services (both registered and integrated).
     Forensic mental health services operated by the Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health.
     State funded drug and alcohol treatment services
     Eligible courses: The following under-listed courses shall be considered for the NP scholarship award:
     A master’s program leading to NP endorsement that is approved by the Nursing Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA)1
     Module/equivalent units of study for nurse practitioner preparation at masters level such as therapeutic
     Medication management (pharmacology) and advanced clinical assessment
     Discipline specific or multi/inter-disciplinary clinical course that is likely to be eligible under NMBA Pathway 2 (e.g. Master of Rural Health)
     Delivered by a university or accredited higher education provider at a masters level and in general should lead to an award qualification
     For students enrolled or enrolling in full fee paying (FFP) or Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP -formerly known as HECS places), NMW may request additional course information from applicants to assess the course eligibility.
    What the Scholarship covers: NP Scholarships shall be awarded according to the following category:
     A total of $6,000 will be awarded to successful applicants for studies being undertaken in 2015.
     For applicants with less than 2 semesters left, $3,000 shall be awarded.
     Previous recipients of the department’s postgraduate nursing scholarships or NP scholarships of $3,500 (or less) may be eligible for a NP scholarship to a maximum value of $3,000 in this round.
    NP scholarships will cover cost incurred in undertaking postgraduate studies. Such cost include: Tuition fees and student contributions (HECS), study loans, books, equipment, travel required to attend lectures or clinical placements, child care and other related study costs.


    Criteria for Selection:
    Applicants must prove or provide evidence that will meet the following key selection criteria:
     The applicant is an Australian or New Zealand citizen or permanent resident and resides in Victoria.
     The applicant is currently registered by the NMBA as a Registered Nurse (Division 1).
     The applicant is currently employed in a Victorian public health service or public residential aged care facility.
     The applicant has the appropriate educational preparation, experience and commitment to a clinical area (career trajectory) that indicates the applicant is positioning to be successfully endorsed as an NP in a timely way. For
    example, educational preparation might include being an active member of a NP collaborative, writing a research paper or participating in clinical practice supervision and mentorship, in preparation for a NP role.
     Evidence of organizational commitment might include previous NP model implementation activities or the realignment of organizational resources to support your NP candidacy.
     The applicant has evidence of organizational support for their preparation as a NP, including evidence of candidacy arrangements2
     The applicant is enrolled in relevant postgraduate study in 2015.
     The applicant has not already received substantial professional development funding for this course, i.e. from employer or professional bodies (excluding loans that must be fully repaid), a previous postgraduate nursing (or NP) scholarship from DH greater than $3500 in value or a DH palliative care scholarship (administered by Palliative Care Victoria).

    Method of Application
    Applicants are to send their application via mail. Successful applicants shall be notified by mail on 16th January 2015. (Please ensure that the email address used for the application is legible and valid)
    Application Deadline
    Application closes 5th December 2015

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