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University of Winnipeg, Canada: Tuition Fees, Courses Offered, Acceptance Rate and Application Fees

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    Many now choose to study in Canada because of the benefits associated with studying in this beautiful country. A few of such benefits is that as a student you have the opportunity to work while studying and also earn a certificate that is recognized globally. If you want to study in Canada and get all these benefits, all you need do is contact one of the universities there and start your admission application. We have decided to talk about University of Winnipeg – one of Canada’s top universities, in today’s article. Our focus shall be on the tuition fees, programs offered, acceptance rate etc.

    University of Winnipeg, Canada

    University of Winnipeg is a research public university situated in Manitoba, Canada. The university is a friendly, student-focused higher institution that is popular for its indigenous scholarships, academic excellence, small class sizes etc. The University of Manitoba offers career-oriented education anchored in strong academic practices. UWinnipeg has embraced the sharing of knowledge and understanding about Indigenous peoples’ culture by introducing the Indigenous Course Requirement (ICR) for all  UWinnipeg students. The ICR is a concerted effort to contribute to truth and reconciliation in Canada

    Courses offered in university of Winnipeg

    The University of Winnipeg offers undergraduate and graduate programs in the fields of Art, Business, Economics, Education, Science and Kinesiology and applied health. I’m going to provide a full list of these programs and link to their web portal so you can contact each department to get more information.

    Undergraduate programs


    Graduate programs

    Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Apply Online
    Master of Arts in Cultural Studies Apply Online
    Master of Arts in Applied Economics (MAE)* Apply Online
    Master of Arts in
    Indigenous Governance
    Apply Online**
    Master of Science in
    Applied Computer Science and Society
    Apply Online
    Master of Science in
    Bioscience, Technology and Public Policy
    Apply Online
    Master in Development Practice: Indigenous Development Apply Online
    Master in Management: Technology, Innovation and Operations


    Tuition fees in University of Winnipeg

    Tuition fees for undergraduate studies range from $8000 to $16000 per year and for graduate studies, part time students pay between $8000 to $13000 while full time students pay between $16000 to $24000 per year. Please note that these values are all in Canadian dollars. Once you have applied for admission and received a study offer, the school will demand that you pay part of this tuition fees before applying for visa.

    University of Winnipeg Acceptance Rate

    The university of Winnipeg acceptance rate is 60 to 70%. The university has a selective admission policy based on students’ past academic record and grades. The admission rate range is 60-70% making this Canadian higher education organization a somewhat selective institution.

    University of Winnipeg application fees

    Before you submit an online application to university of Winnipeg, ensure that you have your credit card ready as you will be asked to pay an application fees before your application is processed. Domestic students are charged $100 while international students are charged $120 for the application fees. Please note that these figures are in Canadian dollars.

    Once you have paid this amount and submitted tour application to the university, you will be contacted via email regarding the status of your application. If it was successful, an admission offer will be sent to you to start visa process.

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