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University of Denver: Ranking, Tuition Fees and Acceptance Rate




    The University of Denver was founded sometime in 1864 when Colorado was just a territory. The people at DU (as the university is popularly called) love to be called the Pioneers. Why? The University of Denver remains the Rocky Mountain Region’s oldest private institution. Located about 7 miles away from downtown Denver, this institution offers a life changing experience, molding intelligent students into forthright and moral leaders who can shape and influence their communities and the world at large. At DU, students are able to strengthen their missions and visions with purpose, making them ethical and effective members of society. Keep reading this article to discover more about the tuition, ranking and acceptance rate at the University of Denver!

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    Freshmen and exchange students will receive a warm welcome at the university.Both local and international students will discover that DU is a home away from home, complete with an amazing team of professors, staff, and upperclassmen.

    The University of Denver is no doubt a true front-runner when it comes to cultural exchange. About 10% of their student population hail from outside the United States. Another thing that makes University of Denver very attractive is the high opportunity to study abroad. Infact, the percentage of students at DU studying outside of the country is at a whopping 70%, a percentage figure that is number one in America! So students would study at the Colorado campus, and also extend their learning to other countries as well.  A GPA of 3.0 will qualify you for this opportunity. DU will take care of your round-trip airfare. If you are Interested in opportunities like this,then get the details on the acceptance rate at the University of Denver found in the following paragraphs.

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    The University of Denver also has a diverse community. Students from all over the globe gather at DU to trade stories and experiences. Every May, the school organizes a Festival of Nations, the largest student-led event of the year, that celebrates DU’s cultural richness. The global view local and international students will gain here is truly one-of-a-kind.

    You’ll find a light rail that can take you to downtown Denver in just ten minutes. It is easily accessible via an on-campus station and better yet, it’s actually free for students! The well lit streets and bustling activities of Mile High City are a train ride away. Denver at the same time is also home to snow-capped mountains and rushing rivers, fitting for adventurous spirits and nature lovers.

    Per campus life, students can indulge passions by choosing sporting and social activities from a pool of hundreds of clubs and student organizations.At the same time, the class numbers are low and this means that professors will have personal interactions with each student. Also, the University of Denver makes it a point to engage with the city of Denver through various volunteer and community outreach projects. There are so many opportunities to form lifelong relationships and solidarity at DU, both on and off the campus.

     Acceptance Rate at the University of Denver

    The University of Denver has a relatively moderate selection process, with the acceptance rate at 53%. The admissions team actively prefer applicants with a GPA of around 3.7. It would be great for your SAT score to be around 1280 or for your ACT score to fall in the 25-30 range.

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