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University of Arizona Scholarships for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

    The University of Arizona (UA), was founded in 1855, and is located in the Tucson city of Arizona State, and has been producing highly qualified professionals for the world. The university has produced a number of doctors, engineers, accountants, business administrators, agriculture scientists and researchers serving all over the world. University of Arizona offers research and education opportunities to the students coming from all over the world. This institution has about 19 colleges offering quality education in more than 300 undergraduate and graduate programs.

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    Also, University of Arizona also runs an online degree program offering various undergraduate and graduate degrees and courses

    University of Arizona has more than 600 clubs and organizations that provides recreational and co-curricular activities to students. These various organizations allows students to explore their hidden potentials and talents. More than 17 sports teams of the university are evident of the sports and athletic opportunities the university provides to its students.

    The University of Arizona offers a number of scholarship and financial aid programs for international students, making the institution a top choice of numerous foreign students willing to study in the US.

    Let’s look at the various scholarships available for undergraduate and graduate at the University of Arizona.

    University of Arizona Scholarships (Undergraduate)

    1. International Freshman Scholarship Award

    This University of Arizona scholarship, is a part of the International Tuition Award. It is a merit-based scholarship, provided to a limited number of international students who enroll in one of the undergraduate programs offered by the university. Only new intakes or fresh students are qualified to apply. The university selects them based on their academic performance. They consider the student’s score in SAT, ACT, and English proficiency. The scholarship which is renewable for the next four years, varies from $12,000 to $35,000 per year.

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    1. International Transfer Scholarship Award

    This scholarship is also a part of the International Tuition Award. The merit-based scholarships are provided to the international transfer students who wish to continue their degree at the University of Arizona. Students with a GPA between 3.5 to 4.0 are qualified for this scholarship. The school provides a fixed amount of $5,000 to the qualified students. Scholarship is renewable for only two years.

    1. Society of Women Engineers

    This society offers scholarships to female students pursuing their degree in engineering. Most of the scholarships are for international students. You can visit the website of the society to apply for these scholarships.

    1. The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship

    This scholarship is now called Women Techmakers Scholars Program. It involves Google providing scholarships to the women who are interested in technology and want to establish their name in this filed. The program provides $10,000 to the selected female students.

    University of Arizona Scholarships (Graduate)

    1. Graduate Assistant Program

    This program can be applied for by international graduate students. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or above to be considered eligible for this program. Appointed students receive a number of benefits including tuition fee remission. Tuition fee remission can be from 50% to complete 100% remission based on the student’s working hours per week.

    Students pursuing a graduate-level degree at the University of Arizona are qualified to apply for this program by visiting the concerned department.

    1. Policy Aid Program

    This program provides three types of University of Arizona scholarships to qualified graduate students. They include:

    1. Qualified Tuition Scholarship
    2. Athletic Scholarship
    3. Legislative Waiver

    These scholarships have different criteria and are provided by the individual department. The criteria of each scholarship are different from one another.

    1. RC Waiver Program

    The department in question provides tuition scholarships to graduate students. International students, including US citizens are qualified for this program. The waiver can cover up to complete the student’s tuition fee.

    1. Graduate Tuition Scholarship

    The Graduate college can provide tuition scholarship to the students on its behalf. The amount of scholarship can cover a considerable amount of tuition fee.

    For additional details about these scholarships at the University of Arizona, check the GA manual of University of Arizona. Note that a graduate student who is working as a GA and has been given a full tuition fee remission cannot apply for any other scholarships and graduate aid programs.

    International student loans

    There are several student loans that are provided to the international students at University of Arizona. These include:

    1. The Rowe Fund

    This program is solely for the international students from the countries of Latin America and OAS states. An interest free loan up to $15,000 is offered to the students to help further their studies.

    1. On-Campus Employment Program

    International students who are unable to get any scholarship can do on-campus jobs in order to fend for their expenses. The University of Arizona provides the students with an opportunity to gain experience and skill by doing part-time jobs which they are also well-paid for. This program is run by the university in partnership with third party firms.

    1. Sallie Mae International Student Loan

    These loans are for graduate and undergraduate students. This interest-based loan is provided by Sallie Mae to the international students studying at various universities in the US.


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