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UBC Admissions:Ranking and Acceptance Rate

    UBC is deservedly one of the world’s top 40 universities, and has competitive admission requirements which attract top students from across the world. Your undergraduate or postgraduate  journey to UBC starts with an online application, and we’ve put together the information below to arm you with the information, deadlines, and strategies required to help you submit a solid application. 

    Application process

    How to apply

    Assuming you’re a Canadian high school, international high school, Canadian post-secondary, or international post-secondary applicant, you’ll be required to select your degree and campus, and put together an application based on the admission requirements. Go through the four simple steps shown below to get your UBC application off the ground.

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    Prepare for UBC

    You should not think It’s too early to start thinking about university and your goals. Assuming you already know which degrees you’d like to apply to at UBC, then go on and choose your Grade 11 (junior year) and Grade 12 (senior year) courses with that in mind.

    Select your study

    At  UBC, you’re allowed the opportunity to select a first and second choice of degree program. The degree you select in your first year will determine your program options in your second or third year of academic study.

    Design a Personal Profile

    UBC’s personal profile is a huge part of your UBC application. It’s your opportunity to tell the admissions team about your life achievements and experiences to help them determine if you’re a good enough for the institution. 

    Complete your application

    The moment you’ve selected  a degree and gone through the admission requirements, you can now go on to complete the application. Assuming you have a disability that may impact your ability to adequately meet the academic standards of your degree,do well to disclose it in this section.

    After you’ve submitted

    Once you’ve successfully completed your application and  ready to submit, additional documents, do well to apply for housing, and budget your finances. You should also do well to visit campus, this time is a great time to get a taste of college life.

    So you’ve been admitted

    Now that you’ve been admitted,It’s time to accept your admission offer and prepare for your future as a university student.Note that there’s a lot of preparation to do – obtaining  study permits, budhet planning, searching for and finding a place to live. 


    Popular World university rankings annually recognize the University of British Columbia for its superlative excellence in teaching and research in addition to its global impact: an amazing place where students and alumni make the world a better place.

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    Some of the most reputable and influential global rankings consistently place UBC in the top five per cent of universities globally.

    Note that universities are ranked across multiple performance areas, including key areas such as l research productivity, excellence in teaching, international connections, collaboration with key businesses and the public sector, plus academic and employer reputation.

    THE 2020    ARWU 2019    QS 2020

    World Ranking     34th    35th    51st

    Canada Ranking    2nd    2nd    3rd

    UBC sits top three overall among more than 450 universities ranked  from 76 countries based on its immense contributions in the areas of research, outreach and stewardship.

    UBC is 2nd in Canada for:

    World class Education — this institution has contributed immensely  to lifelong learning, pedagogy research and inclusive education

    Industry, Academic Excellence and Infrastructure — building resilient infrastructure, promoting sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation

    Partnerships for the Goals — engaging in global partnerships and collaboration with other countries to promote best practices, and publication of data for sustainable development contributions to lifelong learning, pedagogy research and commitment to inclusive education

    Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure — this institution has done a great job in building resilient infrastructure, contributing to sustainable industrialization and promoting innovation

    Global Partnerships for sustainable goals— UBC continues to engage with global partners and collaborate with leading  countries in promoting honorable practices, and publication of important data for global development. 

    Acceptance Rate

    The admission rate at the University of British Columbia is put at 46%.Comparatively,the UBC acceptance rate is quite high according to US standards.

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