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Tuition Fees of Universities in Poland and Germany plus cost of living

    polandWe know international students are desirous of studying abroad in developed countries like Poland and Germany which boast very good educational standards. You will be particularly interested in knowing how much will be required for your study in these countries. The major reason is that studying abroad is usually very expensive depending on the country and institution an international student chooses to enroll. For instance, if you wish to study in countries like Canada, UK and the US, you would be required to budget between $10,000 to $40,000 for tuition fees per year, and about to $700 for cost of living in every month.

    Tuition Fees in Poland plus cost of living

    Note that it is really cheap to study in the republic of Poland. The average tuition fee per academic year is put at €2000 to €5000 euro for courses that are taught in English language. Cost of living in Poland is equally affordable and ranges from €300 to €400 per month. So if you cannot afford the huge tuition to study in places like the UK and US, why not move down to Poland for your study.

    Tuition fees in Germany plus cost of living

    The great thing about studying in Germany is that public universities are tuition free. This implies that as an international student, you wont be required to pay tuition fees. You would only need to budget for the cost of living which is estimated at €500 to €700 euro which would cover the cost of accommodation, travels, food, books for a month.


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