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Tuition fees of Malaysian, Austrian and Hungarian Universities


    Home to many rich and diverse cultures, breath taking landscapes, and a multi-racial capital city, Malaysia is reputed for its beautiful beaches and great monuments such as the Buddhist temple, mosques and Hindi shrines. Malaysia is also well known for having high stability in its Governance and a strong economy. For students intending in studying abroad, Malaysia is a place to be, offering premium educational programs at affordable cost.

    Tuition fees in Malaysian Universities

    • Foundation/Diploma programs: US$3000 to US$3500 for each academic year
    • Degree Programs running between 3-4 years: US$4000 to US$5000 for each academic year
    • Post-graduate programs: US$10000 to US$15000 for the whole program


    Austria a country well reputed for being rich in culture. Some of its cultural heritage includes fun laden skiing centers, grand mountainous landscapes, and famous regal architecture. Austria boasts of having the largest number of museums and galleries. Aside its breath taking architecture, Austria is an epicenter of great artworks, being home to most of the worlds accomplished artists. Austria is certainly a country to be, opening its doors to over 3,500 international students pursuing bachelor, postgraduate and doctoral degrees.

    Tuition fees

    To study in Austria, intending student shall spend approximately 400 Euros on personal expenditure, feeding and accommodation. Students from developing countries stand a chance of being awarded tuition waivers (students from central and east Europe are not eligible for the tuition waivers)


    Located in the heart of Europe and with a population of over 10 million, Hungary in well reputed for providing low cost and high quality tertiary education for both local and international students. Hungary being a signee to the Schengen agreement allows students travel to any European country of their choice without extra visa processing. Hungary also boasts of several inventions such as the Plasma Television, artificial blood, holography etc.

    Tuition fees

    • For Under-graduate programs: Average of EUR 1000 per academic year
    • For Master’s degree programs: Average of EUR 1,500 each semester




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