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Top Tuition Free Online Universities In the World

In today’s article we shall be looking at top tuition free online universities in the world. So let’s have a look.

University of The People

It is worthy to note that the University of the People offers free, and accredited online university dedicated to talented individuals constrained by time for a traditional university education.
The University uses the worldwide presence of low cost Internet and dropping to bring tuition-free university programs to highly qualified high school graduates around the world. University of People offers Associates and Bachelors degree programs in Business Administration and Computer Science.
Enlisting the support of academic assistance from top universities and having admitted more than 2,000 students from over 140 countries to date, UoPeople is certainly on its way to becoming a world class provider of online tuition free higher education.

How to apply

Applicants should be above the age of 18, students are expected to be proficient in English, and able to prove that they have successfully completed High School. If you met these criteria and you are sure University of People is for you, then apply to study at UoPeople.
For more information, please contact the admissions team at admissions@uopeople.org.
However, UoPeople is not tuition-free. All the applicants are required to pay an application fee which ranges from $10-50 (depending on which country one comes from) and Exam Processing Fees, which are $100 per exam

Admission Decision
The criteria for acceptance into the University of People include the availability of places in the program chosen by the applicants and the judgment of university staff as to the ability of the applicant to successfully complete the program. The university is not at all obligated to accept all applicants.
If you are accepted to study at UoPeople, all applicants will be officially notified by Student Services regarding their first year courses.
Application Process
* Part 1:It takes place online and requires the applicant to fill out personal information and respond to essay questions. You can login and complete the UoPeople online application at your own pace.
* Part 2: Takes place offline, and consists of sending all of the required documents to our Office of Admissions by post.

IICSE University

IICSE University is an online university, committed to raising leaders of tomorrow. The mission of IICSE University is excellently centered around education and scholarship-equipping men and women for thoughtful and productive lives of leadership and service.

The University supports and encourages people of all ages, stages, past experiences and qualifications, whereby students are encouraged to progress through their educational development and qualifications without recourse to their academic or financial ability.
In addition to attaining required academic standard, candidates must satisfy the general University as well as specific departmental educational requirements. Awaiting results may be considered.
Interested applicants should scan and send their credentials for evaluation and processing before applying on a course.

Below are a number of rich choice of undergraduate and postgraduate programs we offer. We offer students extensive learning support and welfare services that help with all aspects of distance learning university life, and beyond.
Certificate Programs (4 months) – Requirement: High school certificate
Diploma Programs (9 months) – Requirement: High school certificate
Associate’s Degree (18 months) – Requirement: High school certificate
Bachelor’s Degree Programs (3 years) – Requirement: High school certificate
Bachelor’s Degree Programs (18 months) – Requirement: Diploma / ND or equiv.
Bachelor’s Degree Top-Up (9 months) – Requirement: HND/Advanced Diploma

PostGraduate Diploma (9 months) – Requirement: HND/Adv. Dip./Bachelors
Master’s Degree Programs (1 year) – Requirement: PGD/Bachelors or equiv.
Doctoral Degree Programs (3 years) – Requirement: MBA/Masters or equiv.

World Education University
There is no tuition associated with accessing courses or content on the WEU online campus. The university also offers tutoring and some premium services for a fee.

This university admits students regardless of economic, gender or sex differences.Everyone is encouraged to apply.

Application is open 24hrs a day. Feel free to apply.

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